neelkanth patang- a review

 before i left Ahm to be with my parents on my longest vacation after wedding i wanted a quiet romantic dinner date with PG… he knew exactly where it would be quiet with food and a beautiful view. 
we chose to go to Neelkanth group’s Patang hotel. this was my first visit to this place and he knew i would love the place. they say its as high as seventeenth floor or maybe it was seventh… and the revolving restaurant gives a super giddy feeling in the beginning (since it was my first time here i wasn’t ready to ride around during my meal) but its lovely ambiance soon catches you with grace.

the look over the sabarmati riverfront is the best one… maybe someday i will visit this place again and see the riverfront as a more happening place than the silent one as of now. 
these are our entry platters… looked and tasted yummy!

a fairly large menu for the day… i could possibly not eat all this even if i just tasted them … like 2 spoons each!!! i wonder who has such a huge appetite! but its always good to see so many options out here…

the spread looked just so wonderful all around…

my main course meal… tiny servings aint it?? 

  i had little scoops of 3 salads, rice n thai curry, noodles and a baked dish… because i had my eyes on filling up my platter for something more delicious…

dont they look freaking beautiful?? PG has a sweet tooth too (glad i have him as my husband) so we dugged right into my ice cream bowl after he finished with his main course… its called cotton candy.. i poured over some chocolate sauce for more color.

here’s how my dessert plate looked like.. *devil’s smile*

  of course PG helped me finish all that… digging into all things sweet?? it called for the occasion, we were celebrating … a so-called v-day that we didnt get to spend together eventually due to some ironic reasons.
and this is me… blown up in a balloon.
i m sure my tiny tot has started loving food too…  
 i would definitely visit this place again. for the food. for the ambiance. for the quick service. for the lovely view. for the memorable time i can spend with PG.
i suggest you guys to a tour too! 
tour is free! meal will cost you anything between 299(for kids)-599rs a per person.
aavjo 🙂

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