then and now- motherhood after a year

my son came just when the new financial year started last year… its been one full year since then and so much has happened. so much usually happens in the initial year of a new born and then after it slows down and you get back on track to your old life and try to pick up from where you left before you had the kid … nice thought but again ; by the time u go and try to pick up things from where u left you are either too drained from all that mommy work you have done all these years or you are just too lost and all grown up and nothing fits in . i visited the radio station a few days back as a guest and recorded a 2 minute capsule for mother’s day.. i just wasn’t excited to see the studio, the console the mike and the wonderful always pumping energy in the orator- a playlist. nothing attracted me. which was quite a shock initially. but now i have grown out of the radio love i had worked for 5 years and my only world revolved around my son.

a lot has changed in this year. my romance with PG depends on what time D falls asleep in his crib rather then when we want it to happen. our sunday dinner dates have changed to ‘taking D out to a play area and toyrides gaming’ date. i am always into loose outfits even after a year because i feel D may need breastfeeding anytime. he is in his last stage of weaning but still the mother in me wants him to take feeds as long as he wants… psychology studies says a kid can take feeding until he is 5 years old and a mother should not be ashamed to do so… umm… yes; i am kinda ready but certainly not for 5 years. i am ready to take the challenge and test myself for the whole of this year! i plan to breastfeed D till he 18-19 months old and i am not ashamed to talk about it on a public front. why should i ?? its not a crime, is it? i am infact helping my kid grow up on the most nutritious food available for him and i am proud of the fact that i can BREASTFEED, unlike a lot of women i know who has hardly done do for a month or just until the child starts weaning because of their medical issues or career opportunities they don’t want to miss just because they have a child.

a lot has changed over the year. i know not what movies release every friday until and unless i get to peek into the sunday reviews section in the newspaper and that is only possible if he is playing away somewhere or sleeping that i get the chance to read through the daily rug-mug and headlines. but i do know the complete lyrics of atleast 30 odd poems/nursery rhymes. yes its true for all mothers across the country and around the globe. they suddenly fall in love with all animated cartoons and movies and seem to enjoy and understand it just as much as the kids do.

a lot has changed over the last year. i can now change a diaper and wipe a smelly bum at 1 30am. i can now cook 3 different meals at the same time while keeping one eye on the tv serial and another on my son playing with his piano loud and clear and yet smile at the joke jethalal cracks and perfectly add in the masala to the curry. i am no doubt the super mom in my life. the only thing i cannot do is fly up in the sky! who even wants to fly if they live in a polluted stuffy and hot environ of Ahmedabad??
yea. so to conclude. i am my own supermom. and i can clean a stain on the rug and differentiate between the yellow color on the bedspread being mango or potty! i was not born a genius but the moment i delivered in that labor room last year enlightened me with sudden and more wisdom than i ever thought i could have.

a lot more has changed since a year but i take rest now and end this blog for i wish to make sure he has his food right and he sleeps right and there is a good burp right before he dozes off for a few hours.

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thank you for listening to me. a mom always wants to be listened to than to be controlled or advised.. most of the times 🙂

Kunj Ganatra