rest assured!

I was planning to go out this weekend… just a chotta honeymoon before our anniversary next week which apprantely is on a week day and i am sure none of us will be free for mushy love. yaa… maybe a romantic dinner that night! but we are very practical when it comes to work and reserve weekends rather than waste a working day to hold hands and talk like teenagers. hahaha probably god wanted us to stay together on a working day missing work, the only sad part is it came as a tragedy!on wednesday! and had to forcefully spend 2 days outta home in a luxurious maternity hospital with my husband holding my hands and giving me encouraging hugs… waking upin the middle of the night to and day to help me out …. 

we even watched a film together to kill time- baby’s day out!
and yea… quite true! we were there for the baby! so it was literally my baby’s first stay at a hospital even though i still have a lot of time before it comes into the world.

drank lots of cranberry juice… plain/just/only cranberry juice 😛
with a baby around next year we cannot no mixing ppl 🙂

… i found some love in cooking channels.

i even had appliances in my room and was tempted to bake something… only if the needle wasnt into my right hand. 
it was a surprise to see such a fancy hospital… probably all hospitals are… it was my first time in here so it was surprising for me. 

also i wasnt allowed to eat anything! had to stay fruitilicious…

though the tragedy or the location wasn’t perfect but PG and i had a lovely 2 day holiday together. forced to stay away from work/office calls and being pampered by him day and night 😉 now that the pain has gone, i love every part of it.cheers to love , life n good health!aavjo 🙂  

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    • aahhaaa… sounds delicious 🙂
      had i not been preggers i would have tried half a dozen things with it,
      will save your idea for 2013 🙂

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