september vibes

September is my favorite month, it brings a lot of joy and lot of birthday celebrations … a lot of my favorite people are born in august-september… like everyone’s parents planned a baby at the same time, we were all just born on different days! lol.
that includes me too. i wanted a september baby too… it just didn’t happen that way. september vibes are beautiful. because the weather is perfect, the Ganesh festival falls in, a lot of holiday hangover from august continues and in between all this falls my birthday! on the ides of september… 15th is the date for all those non-shakespeare people reading my mind right now,

i did mention it in my last post, my husband was planning a surprise and we were both surprised by our bosses… we were both working double the time that day. i took a small freelance teaching job at an mba college here. wonderful kids they are. i really enjoyed spending my birthday training them to be good gentlemen and ladies for a new corporate life they shall begin with. there is something about this 9 story tall and huge college campus, its full of life and breezy air and a lot of flora around when you peep your head from the window. the kids bring in old college memories where i had fun and made friends and i too got my first job from an interview i went to while i was in my first year and found a flyer on the college notice board for the radio openings. how life has changed after 8 years!
i told them about my first interview and how i got through it and what a cherishing age they are in, they are the bosses, they have the power to change the world around them… they brought in a lot of positive vibes in me this month. i am gonna be thankful for this opportunity. if you live in ahmedabad, do drop in at som lalit college , opposite xaviers in the afternoons to say a hi !

so… he got me a new car! exchange with the old one, but yes !! a new car !! yay! i jumped like a baby kangaroo the day it arrived.

the new baby

the new baby

yes, i am a maruti loyalist. changed my old maruti for another maruti! my son was equally excited about it. and we call this his new car! its been a month but we still haven’t removed the bright pink ribbons on the front. this makes him feel it’s gift wrapped for him and i love to see the smile on his face every morning when he sees that ribbon and says to me, “mumma, pink ribbon. it’s my gift” and i reply with a smile, “yes sweetie, it’s yours” … we repeat this every. single. morning. ! and i wanna do this for as many mornings as possible… life is like those specks of sand in my fist… drizzling down everyday…

i saw a very close relative come back to life after knocking heaven’s gate this month. it’s like she was climbing the stairs and God halted, told her it’s a little too early and send her back to us. this was an eye opener for me… u never know when life slips out of that fist and you will regret all those things you wanted to achieve and live and saved it for later! my bucket list just grew bigger after that day! i am gonna do a lot more before i slip into HIS lap.

september also meant celebrating teacher’s day ! D made his first ever hand-made cards for his school teachers.

huge achievement for us

huge achievement for us

such a proud mommy i am …

major missing happening…. i miss my parents. met them last in june! need to plan a trip soon.

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here’s wishing you all a happy week ahead!

Kunj 🙂