shopping marathon begins

I still have time before i hatch… but who knows when it shall happen, where and how!!!!
so i began shopping for my little one;
it was one fine spring morning …


 and i was munching on my favorite platter of fruit… the papaya… good for eyes, good for skin, good for my system, good for the baby etc etc.

 when this arrived!!

hoopos had sent me a voucher last week and asked me to try their products… i knew i wanted something cheerful and bright… the baby stores i had visited in ahmedabad had only pink n blue stuff for kids!!! which i want to stay clear from, why categorize kids into pink and blue right when they are born??

to all those mamma to be… chicco has this amazing stretch mark cream that should be applied pre and post natal! its a must for every mother. i ordered this 200ml bottle (mine was about to finish… i received it right on time)

and these cute little rompers… cant wait to try them on my cutie pie… reds, greens and stripes are something that can look cute on any kid… and no gender bias-ness with these colors 🙂

it was easier to shop on hoopos plus they gave me COD option (something i opt for when i am purchasing from that website for the first time… i have had some bad experiences shopping with an e-fashion website earlier.)
and what i liked the most about the website was fast delivery… it reached my place quicker than i had expected.
cheers to the website… hoping for more such wonderful shopping experiences with you in future.
aavjo 🙂
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