snacking after b.feeding

i have no idea why b.feeding makes me so hungry every 3-4 hours but i certainly eat a lot… if i dont eat in quantity (read it as longer feed hours, potty-pee change ups, sleep time, mid-night, massage-bath times) i make sure i drink something thats really heavy and keeps me full for the next 4 hours straight!
if you are a new momma these things will help you when u have very less time to fix a meal for yourself.

a bunch of fresh litchi… juicy n filling.

a huge glass of mango milkshake- a single tall glass can keep u on your toes for four hours! and its mango season right now… fresh n sweet. ย 

a slice of handvo… pre-prepare it and microwave for 15 seconds when you feel hungry. we call it handvo in gujarati, dont ask me what its called in english or hindi. a momma has very less time to initiate synonym search on google.

keep tubs on ice cream handy in the freezer all the time. you never know when u may need them.
read – midnight hunger pangs.

i caught up on a caramel coffee and brownie snack after a long longgggg time… it was ‘lets date again’ evening with PG. he knows what makes me happy- a hot piece of brownie ๐Ÿ™‚

one more handy stuff in your bedroom for midnight snacking after b.feed-
PG fills my freezer with such bars every time he visits me… i m one lucky wife ๐Ÿ™‚

these areย  my snacking options- what are yours??
anything with lesser calories and more nutrients?? lemme know… i am gaining fats!!!!