To son, love, Mom.

its my son’s third birthday and i was have been busy making a list of friends to invite and menu to decide; cake to order and arrangements be made. how much will i be able to shell out asks my mind… lol, its your son’s birthday… dont think twice! replies the heart.
we possibly do everything for them. right from nine months of pregnancy and sickness, going through hours of labor pain, sleepless nights of feedings, washing and cleaning the feeding and cooking and picking up and dropping them to schools and events and revising for tests and preparing for big exams and paying for grad studies and planning a wedding and paying for the honeymoon and adjusting with the newly weds and taking care through sickness… and in health… in rains and in winters!! what is left out?? nothing!

dear son,

you are three years old now. what a maddening and lovely 36 months these were. i have never been through so much of pain when you were born and i have never ever been so happy the moment you were born. so for all the labor pain i went through your first smile paid for it. now u don’t need to go through similar pain when i grow old and tired.
remember those nights when you peed on my clothes and got all the sheets dirty too?? never mind the frustrations of the night cleaning. you just paid for it when u searched for a water closet at a party two months back and decided only to do it there. you did it all by yourself including tucking the shirt in and just paid for my sleepless nights. i am proud of you son. now you don’t need to stay awake all night long when i grow old… give me a chance to learn on my own too.
two years back i mashed your first food apart from my feed… today you call me your best friend and the best cook, and you just paid for all the labor i did in the kitchen by proudly announcing it to our family and your friends. now u don’t need to mash or make my food to return the favor when i grow old. you have already made me happy at the age of three.
when you first received a wound while playing with your friends you hugged me and cried and let my hugs and kisses heal you from within. you trusted me while i helped you clean the wound and gave me a kiss in return. dear son, when i grow old i don’t need your hard earned money to heal my aged wounds; let’s just hug and kiss again and let me return your love with a kiss that time.
i would hang up a client’s call and let the vegetables burn on the stove when you needed me to patiently help you wear your own clothes. treat me with the same patience when i grow old. i don’t want you to shout at your wife or call a maid for me, i only want you to patiently wait for five more minutes while i struggle to close the buttons or tie the lace. let’s just smile and encourage each other all the time.
oh what a beautiful day it was when you came back from your first school trip and you would just not stop babbling about all the fun you had. my son, there will be more trips and stories to share when i shall send you to a bigger school and a better college. i shall work hard and pay so you can weave a lot of memories in future. but when you start working, just call me once a day and keep on sharing them like you do everyday right now. i don’t want a part of your salary; i only want to listen to what memories you made today. i know you shall make me proud some day and i want to be a part of those memorable days and not a part of your paycheck.
for all the soiled shoes and plates and dirty laundry i do for you everyday ensures you are growing up fine and healthy and happy! for all the pain i go through you pay for it everyday with your hugs and kisses and smiles and laughter and trust and tugging into my arms and sharing stories and playing with me and holding my hand and breathing on my face while sleeping on my shoulder… aaahhhh!!! i am already being paid back instantly for all the things i do for you. thank you for loving me back. i shall keep on loving you all my life my son. now you don’t need to cook and clean and pay for my medicines when i grow old. you have already made me happy and proud and i am sure you shall love me the same when you grow tall and i lean on my three foot stick.
just call me once a day and share what you did, make me laugh and be my friend. that’s all i ask for.

you have already made feel like the best mom. you have already brought in lots of happiness in my life. my son, a woman goes through various phases in her life and being your mom has been my best phase ever! so love me back and hug me more. kiss me tight and call me more.
you are just three… so we have more memories to make and i have more letters to write for you.


to son, love mom.

to son, love mom.