stuffed bellpeppers- recipe

 sounds simple…. just stuff the filling and show fry it!
it tastes even yummier.. if you are fond of gram flour stuffing like i do!

i am not sure if this is a typical gujju dish but we make it a lot more often at home and everyone loves it!

for the stuffing you will need:
gram flour (1 cup) roasted.
red chilli powder – 3 tspns (more if you like your veggies spicy)
turmeric- 1 tspn
salt- 1.5 tspn (or acc to taste)
coriander-jeera powder- 3 tspns
lemon juice – freshly squeezed 2 tspns
sugar- 1tspn (avoid if u want to… this is to balance the taste)
vegetable oil – 2 tspns.

wash n dry green bell peppers, and pull a vertical cut into each (for the stuffing). i suggest buying small to medium sized bell peppers as they are easier to cook and also serve. bigger portions might create wastage on the plates. (something i really hate).

keeping them aside, roast the gram flour on slow heat. 
mix it with all the spices and lemon juice. a semi-dry like paste will form. 

fill this paste/stuffing into the bell peppers… through the vertical cut. DO NOT CHOP OFF THE STALK OR HEAD of the bell peppers. if you do so, u will have to deep fry the bell peppers. a vertical cut ensures less oil (shallow fry) and a better taste as well.

heat oil in a kadhai/shallow frying pan while you stuff all the bell peppers.

done with the stuffing?? add one or two of the stuffed bell peppers into the oil and fry them till you see the skin peeling off or the color changing.

remove and let it cool, add other two and fry them.

this picture has been taken to show you how the stuffing would be filled n fried by the heat of the bell peppers. do not cut them open… eating this would become messy n not so delicious. see how little oil i have used to fry these?? less oil=fitter you!

once the last of the bell pepper is done with frying, add to the kadhai/pan the already fried ones and top it with all the remaining stuffing/paste/gram flour masala. 

stir the bell peppers in that paste for about 2-3 minutes on slow to medium flame. no high flame as the gram flour might just burn into black… burnt taste!

scoop it all out in a bowl… serve with kebabs or with roti/paratha or even biryani.

you will love it when its hot/warm.

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aavjo 🙂

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