sunday munchies

Sunday is normally the best food day of the week for me, when i go out and try something new! this sunday was about a lunch get-together with PG and his colleagues. a bunch of really intelligent people way too  much senior to me  and as foodie as me! yippie, there certainly was some connection. while all the others hogged on all things non-veg on the buffet at the Pride Hotel , PG a few other like me munched and crunched all the delicious all veggie food being pure vegetarians. (i even refrain to have eggs!).

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a bright and beautiful setting. we have often dined here before, but a lunch had never happened before. what a nice change 🙂
specially the food. i loved the vegetable something something soup and cucumber-bell pepper-tofu salad … the coleslaw salad was too good too,


i never really feel like having main course in a buffet house. i eat all things apart from roti-sabji. my platter of food was more greeny.

the best kashmiri pulao i had ever had! with same methi malai paneer, pepper noodles and more of coleslaw salad. (it won my heart n my taste buds)
i was saving for the huge dessert spread out on a table that was luring me since i entered the place.

the rich red watermelon and white chocolate gateau with lots of fresh cherries. and a small shot glass of cold chocolate milk. the platter in between belongs to PG, he loves all things chocolate with that dash of apple pie and coconut pound cake. this certainly was the most wonderful part of the afternoon, i didnt count the calories… i counted the happy faces and it just seemed right!!
here is my star of the evening, apart from food, Arthav was the sweetest munchkin around. everyone wanted a bite of his cuteness… well, not literally of course 🙂

he played with PG or Pg played with him… whatever! they both love each other 🙂 
the team that met, ate, laughed and cheered!
oops! could not get everyone in the same frame because of PG’s bazingaa… :p
anyways, the 4 hour meal wrapped up in coffee and chats. would wait for yet another meal with these wonderful guys. 
cheers to life n food!

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    • oh yes. specially when husbands work all day, all 6 days and its only the sunday when u get to talk all weekly crap with him and see him smile at you. 🙂

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