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mexico ahoy !

 was craving to dug my teeth into some beans and sauce!
remember those mexican craving days of mine??
we visited just Mexican again, this time we were a little lucky with our order. we didn’t have to wait much longer. got these buttery babies hot n fresh!
my crisp wrap with lots of oozing cheese, red sauce and an orange drink.

crisp bean wrap and bean n rice burrito 

 it was fun! they even are very clean with the small eatery, neat.
but wat i really liked the most is- though small one never enters into bean n sauce n cheesy smell even when everyone is eating the same!
there is no food odor in the rectangular restaurant. which is the same reason why i visit it more often!
there are many ‘just mexican’ outlets in the city, yet i prefer the one closer to my home- the judges bunglow outlet. it even has a lively atmosphere in and around!

 some late night snacking while blogging. time to summon a strawberry thick shake. aka lots of vitamins followed by lots of calcium

 strawberry has literally entered my brain waves n blood veins!
got one more box from the market today!
aavjo 🙂
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today’s menu 12.12.12

 so its a spl date today huh?? how abt cooking something spl too ??

today was more of a red day through out!

so the day was on a great anti-oxidant mood! time to punch in some oil and veggies and SEAWEED !
rita got me this sushi leaves and i wanted to try it ever since it landed in my kitchen closet. 

so… sushi ehh?? i dont even know how to make one… and my husband doesnt even know wat cuisine it is… korean or japanese or both?? 😛
well, watching pretty women eat it on ‘sex and the city’ was no help. i knew i had to find a recipe soon. Rita helped me… suggested avocado and veggies .

its super thin.. paper like… doesnt smell so good as well… i only hoped it would taste better! i arranged some rice and veggies (avocado, carrots and bell peppers) layered over the sushi leaf !)

 at the end… i guess it didnt turn out that bad. i sauted the veggies… and now i think avocado should not be dealt with like that.. there has to be a ‘real’ way to cook it. 
anyways, so i rolled the leaf over and cut it in wedges.

 so it didnt turn out to be very delicious… i will have to ramp over youtube tomorrow for a better veggie recipe. maybe some paneer would be good to stuff in.
i tell you.. no matter wat you fill in it never satisfies a gujju’s hunger the way spicy gujju food does,
i even proved it tonite… sushi v/s ringda no audo n rotla…
no guesses on who won.

will try making sushi once more with some alternate stuffing.
 till then,
cheers! try experimenting and make 121212 memorable !
aavjo 🙂
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Dasaprakash- a review

A well blended south indian restaurant in Ahmedabad… 

when ever my parents are visiting me, they frequently hog at Dasaprakash. they love the food there. i have never been there before (…work commitments and a lil far from where i work) but this time i managed to hop in with them for a dinner. 



situated opposite Rajpath Club, on the service lane, first floor.. SG Highway is this rice platter that specializes in only south indian cuisine and to top it up they even make their own brand of ice cream 🙂 yummm.. with a few franchises across the country. 

what i really liked about the place was its neatness, little detailing on the interiors- making it look south indain yet not overdoing the whole thing and keeping it neat n decent! an 8/10 for the interiors and look.

winner at times food award and burrrp !  i wondered why hadn’t PG and i tried this before. well, there is always a first time to everything. 
so here i was ordering everything from dosai to their ultimate chutneys and corn cheese rice… awesome variety… would give them a 10/10 for the variety on the menu…

the chutneys were good too… a threesome! the mild coconut one which was so good it was almost wiped off by the time i clicked this pic… a garlic spicy one in orange and a tomato tangy one in red. all three were good. 
i even liked their sturdy silver crockery.
didn’t click the food pics as all the dishes were too greasy… oil/butter !
didn’t want that lingering smell and marks on my camera.
however, the desserts won!
the ‘gold rush’ aka a sundae with coffee at the bottom, chocolate on the top with caramel drops and a cream n cherry topping, placed with a twin biscotti. wow!!!! amazinggggg 🙂
an ear to ear grin on my face.


the icy tall … something something… my mommy’s order. i found it way too sweet. since i am more of a bitter/dark chocolate lover. this one was almond vanila scoop at the bottom, pistachio on the top with cream n cherry and twin wafer biscotti again. i only had a spoonful to taste and the cherry. 🙂
great for the ones who love their ice creams very sweet.
psst… see that tall brown cold coffee behind? that’s my dad’s order- truely a coffee of its kind. a sure recommend for those who like it bitter. (comes with a scoop of coffee ice cream as well)

my overall experience would be an 8/10 🙂
would want to go back again to try yet another dish and dessert. would go for just the desserts too some day.
would recommend all fellow amdavadis and even people travelling here to definitely try food here! its a personal recommendation 🙂
people living in ghaziabad, lucknow, agra, and jaipur- if u haven’t been here do so this weekend and if you have… tell me how was ur experience? what all do u recommend me to try here next time?? 

aavjo 🙂

divine Ganesha

Last evening was probably the best one ever! PG and i had a chance to conduct the Ganesh pooja at our place with Ganu’s entry to our flats early last week. the whole charismatic feeling was so good and so difficult to describe. the huge idol with beautiful grey eyes staring at you feels gigantic yet magnificent.

the aarti playing loudly on speakers for the entire mohalla to join in. these are the days when i actually see everyone who lives there in the same building. and its a pity i only know a bunch full of them :/


how can i miss blogging about the food!! the sweetmeats and fruits offered to Ganu. he sure enjoys a lot of delicacies twice a day loaded with ghee and calories. 


we even have a chottu Ganu enjoying the same pomp and care.


no doubt he has a huge belly. and lucky HIM everyone only praises His weight and huge round belly! 

divine ganesha

my current bbm picture! it was nice hearing the story of why is fresh fodder also served to Him along with sweets and fruits from M-I-L. for the elephant in Him. heard the entire story last evening. 


my entry to please Him… no they aren’t modaks. they are momos. they are from an eatery called Momoman dedicated to Asian cuisine,. they were steamed (in my rice cooker)… with lots of veggies… Ganu needs some nutrition and veggies too. 🙂 yet nothing compared to the ones i had in udaipur. i will crave for them till i find better momos in Ahmedabad. and my search will continue…

the lights, the colors, the crowd, the happy faces, lots of sweets to savor in the end (new ones everyday).
this surely is a festival to enjoy the best sweets and meeting happy faces. its ALWAYS great to meet a few neighbors of mine who are just adorable aunties. i love talking to them. and they always give me good beauty advises 😉
are you celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi too ? post me your links and tell me about it. would love to stop by your blogs/picasa albums to see the celebrations.
aavjo 🙂

the leftovers

Using the leftovers in the fridge comes very easy to me now. earlier i used to panic. now the experimental cook brain i have is all happy and relaxed. a little bit of everything means trying something really new. yes.. my mother in law certainly worries when i experiment, no!! she knows i cook good. she isn’t worried about the taste. she is just worried the dish doesn’t turn out to be something so different that we never cook it ever again. (happened once when i tried making celery and eggplant italian dish i dont even remember the name of that i saw on youtube.

anyways, the morning snack was popping the leftover maize so that that it doesnt catch moisture. its been pouring now and then since a week.


and i hate my popcorn super salted! i hate the salt in my mouth. so a quick 5 minute rush into making some 50grams of caramel.


this too i learnt it from youtube here . but this one turns out to be just so fine and sweet. i poured a little over the popcorn and the rest settled in a small glass bottle in the fridge waiting to be used over ice creams and apples.
the afternoon ‘just before a loooong meeting’ snack. this is how i call it. a few raisins and dried fig does wonders. it has less calories than a “4am snicker” bar and it also gives me energy to go on talking and making presentations. carry it in a zip lock in your handbag everytime. they are hunger pang saviors i trust the most.


the night was dedicated to leftover veggies in the fridge: 2 tomatoes, 2 small potatoes, 1.5 green bell pepper and some sprouts. i love the putting in colorful veggies in my biryani. all these veggies made it to the biryani plate.

i did it a little differently this time. i layered the saute-d veggies in the bottom, layered the rice on top

and finished off the top layer with veggies again. inside the convection for 15minutes and my dual layer biryani was just too perfect! voila 🙂

try doing this at home, layer it with various things and impress your guests or in my case- the mil.

have you ever tried a youtube recipe at home?
share it with me.
aavjo 🙂

Life mein Firssssst time !

Wooossshhhh!!!! Finally done with one of the most difficult tasks of my life, Writing  a resume ! It surprised me while writing it that I’ve never needed a resume ever!! I have always walked in, met the employer, gave him a few chuckled laughs and got the job! Dhan tanaa! who on earth knows how to write a resume?? atleast i m not aware of what and how it is written 😛 (khi khi khi)
I believe a resume no matter how long but cannot comprise in it what i really am… My achievements can be noted but not my personality. My dedication can be measured but not my passion!!!
Let’s see what an outcome it shall bring, life mein first time resume likha, hope it brings me that job as easily as i got the RJ offer letter 5 years back.. haii i  miss my Radio days 🙂
Moving on, Life mein first time had a coffee better than the one i make. At Amdavad, prahladnagar area, ‘Shambhu’s ‘
Nice espresso coffee with dollops of chocolate powder sprinkled over and yes, you may add more yourself if u wish to, nice na? 🙂
And  its piping hot!! my review card rates it at 4.5/5 
Along with it the paan wala next door makes the best paan in the world. I’ve never fallen in love with paan before. But this time I’ve to admit it can be quite addictive. My review card rates it 4/5
The eateries around offer a lot more and I’m yet to taste it all, but it’s a place to visit once if you are in Ahm often.
What I also noticed around is the good crowd, no cheap public, no trouble making teenagers. Youngsters and people in their early 30s is the expected crowd, and an educated crowd means less littering around. Bins are wisely used and guess what? orders are taken n delivered across the road in your cars too !
Voila… What more do u need?? !! 
A perfect hang out place with friends. 
Economical and safe, perfecto~
rating the place overall- 4/5




 dazzles, glitters and louve <3