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shopping marathon begins

I still have time before i hatch… but who knows when it shall happen, where and how!!!!
so i began shopping for my little one;
it was one fine spring morning …


 and i was munching on my favorite platter of fruit… the papaya… good for eyes, good for skin, good for my system, good for the baby etc etc.

 when this arrived!!

hoopos had sent me a voucher last week and asked me to try their products… i knew i wanted something cheerful and bright… the baby stores i had visited in ahmedabad had only pink n blue stuff for kids!!! which i want to stay clear from, why categorize kids into pink and blue right when they are born??

to all those mamma to be… chicco has this amazing stretch mark cream that should be applied pre and post natal! its a must for every mother. i ordered this 200ml bottle (mine was about to finish… i received it right on time)

and these cute little rompers… cant wait to try them on my cutie pie… reds, greens and stripes are something that can look cute on any kid… and no gender bias-ness with these colors 🙂

it was easier to shop on hoopos plus they gave me COD option (something i opt for when i am purchasing from that website for the first time… i have had some bad experiences shopping with an e-fashion website earlier.)
and what i liked the most about the website was fast delivery… it reached my place quicker than i had expected.
cheers to the website… hoping for more such wonderful shopping experiences with you in future.
aavjo 🙂
kohllined on fb- plz like d page

heels on sale

The title says it all.
i have some heels to be given away. 
they are worn once/twice but they are as good as new.
cramps and visits to my doc says that i need to say good-bye to all my heels and stick to flats and probably low heels.
naaahhh… i didn’t cry! i have loved my heels always but then now there are far better materialistic things to love instead of them.
so yes… giving them away… in a sale!

i had a few more , had some of them featured in this 

these are the first four entrees. 

Lee Cooper heels in denim, rivets and leather rs 1800(original) buy it for- rs.1200/-

mochi heels in wood and black (strap closing at the ankle)- rs 1500 1000/-


from thailand- black n purple suede plus bow at the back. looks dark n prettier in real. rs 650 450/-


shoe box in satin n wood wedge with a side bow- NEVER WORN with a stone studded in the front.
RS 1250 1000/-


inbox me at carnitions@gmail.com for instant replies or leave a comment below in case you want any. it will be well packaged and sent to u (guaranteed). all of them in size 7 or 7 1/2. (indian standard size)



I am experiencing one of the most delightful Saturdays when its raining outside and and the weather looks perfect! the ahemdabad peacocks are seen dancing on a few rooftops and pakoras are being fried for breakfast and brunches! its been the most monsoon-y week of the season. and friday-yesterday was loaded with visitors.. visitors of all kind. the street dog who took shelter near the lift out of cold n rains last night… 
the parcels that awaited for me to rip them open and relish the stuff 🙂



well, i have started e-shopping again. when i was recently married i had lots of free time as i had recently moved in the new city and had nothing much to do, no friends to hang out with… so i fished a lot of stores when i had to shop something. now with work and travelling taking most of my time i have resumed my love for shopping online. from ordering bday cakes to clothing to music cds. its fun doing this thing! this time around i have found some new sites that provide a wider variety than the ONLY SITE i used to shop earlier with…
the next visitor were these bunch of lovely flowers 🙂


one of my aunts brought it for me, she visited us last evening and its always fun catching up with the rest of the in-law family! they are a bunch of sweethearts. 
later that night hubby dearest bought home some cookies. he always surprises me when he kinda finds out exactly what i would like and which ones i would never eat even when they are the last cookies on earth, he is too good at reading my taste buds… (yuck! that was certainly a bad line)

the sugary oat ones and wheat cookies are for me, while the double chocolate chip cookies are for him he loves all things chocolate, didnt i tell u abt it here
well, the visitors string didnt end here… it continued this morning too when we had visitors outside our office windows, hanging out 😛 literally!!

long tailed wicked n wild… yes, these langoors are as wild as a street dog. mess with them or try to shoo them off and they will show u their huge dirty scary teeth that will pull out a chunk off your hands/legs. 
the rest of the day is still open for new visitors….
oh yes.. i did find an old friend on fb today!!! i had been trying to get in contact with her for almost 10 months now!!! and she just joined fb!! wow to this site… i would have never been in touch with so many friends far away without this social website. so one more visitor this afternoon and still counting… 
hoping for the best to happen this evening.. its saturday baby!!! it gotta be good.

birthday month is surely filled with lots of happiness and surprises. one more week to go 🙂 eeeyay!!


for the slightly heavy women

When i started blogging, i came across a lot of fashion bloggers who i could relate to when it came to fashion sense and color coding. i was born n brought up between garments n tutu and dressing up perfectly. the only 2 differences i saw between me and the other bloggers were:
1. i wasnt living in a metro that time which means all the big international brands didnt have a store in my city. i used to go on a shopping spree to mumbai once a year after annual exams and that restrained me from picking up one item from every collection through out the year.
2. these blogger ladies wore size XS, S where as for me it was always either M or L or at times even 2L depending on the fabric and cut.

the first fact never bothered me much. i was happy with my once a year urban shopping.
but the latter fact always bothered me. i could neither show off my legs nor did i have sharp collar bones. its always disappointing when see a short skirt coz i knew my legs would look the ugliest if i ever wore it.
but then these days market is flooding with clothes for the slightly heavier women. some are boring some are too casual and some are too ugly! the heavy butt women also have equal rights to look stylish and chic 🙂
so recently, i started buying a few of these outfits and put it up on a new blog.


they are new and come with price tags and all of them are handpicked to give an edge of style and exclusive taste.

do visit this blog, buy for urself, or others and even recommend it to anyone you think will like to wear it. remember: these are not plus size clothing! they are just for people who are more curvaceous and like it that way.

if you are an artist and would like to add in your products to the blog, do lemme know.