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am i a good mom?

He was in my womb for 39 weeks!! and i was all ready to love and take care of him once he was out and now he is 20 days old while i wonder each day…
am i producing enough milk?
am i giving him enough attention?
do i need to change my food habits?
am i eating the right nutrition ?
is he receiving the right nutrition??

all these are nightmarish questions that google my brains for answers and i fail to provide a relevant one each time….
but i have this set of beautiful mommy friends…
friends from my p101 gang, and we chat a lot over wats app!! we discuss our kid’s cranky situations and share pics/videos of how beautiful our little ones are growing up..
mine little sleepy fellow is the youngest one of all (20days)… with the eldest one 4 months old.

these girls give me a sense of belonging… that i belong to the world of motherhood and that some day as time passes i will be just fine; i will be able to understand why he is crying so much… i wil be able to understand what food i intake makes him gas-prone.
and i am loving every difficult and lovely moments with my little one right now…
a little note of a big thank you to my lovely girls- prachi, payal, shaili, shruti, vijayeta and dhara…
they have been the only and the best friends in ahm now.
we share an equilibrium that is bonded via our little cute ones.

what have i been eating these days to make the milk flow go zoom???
here are the pics:
basically hot in nature- papaya.

suva dana (dili seeds); helps improve digestion .. since i am resting most of the time and eating more than usual.

protein powders once a day in milk… these are two different varieties i tried… a detailed blog on them coming soon.

katlu: one of the wonders of food world! it reduces back pain, increases milk flow and keeps my energy level high! lots of benefits!
a recipe shall follow soon.

a mid night milk and wheat biscuit routine… i know biscuits are not a post- delivery food but who can cook at 4 in the morning?? certainly not me!!

a detailed wat to eat and wat not in the 40 day confinement period in my next blog.
till then,
to all the mommies out there…
be happy to make ur kid happy.
a happy mom = a happy kid!

everyday is a holi day

I didn’t get to play this dhuleti (the next day of holi when crazy gujjus play with colors, water, eggs… anything that makes the festival more fun n colorful ! ), everyone suggested it wasn’t a good idea and i agree with them. with me about to hatch anyday now i gotta be careful on what i am doing should not result in a hush-rush to the hospital… i remember my

last visit there and i prefer to stay clear from it.
saw some holi preparations on my evening walks! and stayed home most of the dhuleti day !

but i rounded up the holi-day with PG and my favorite on the go meal…

and some midnight calories with hot milk!

 rounding off tonite with a fruit bowl and emailing the winner for the march giveaway
Dr Mehak Sharma
congratulations honey!
ur pro vitamin hair capsules wil reach u soonish…. chk for a mail in your inbox.
aavjo 🙂
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busted happy weekend

 Even when a lot of things went wrong on the weekend that just passed by; it was still so beautiful with all its flaws…
the gobbling up of a whole pizza— i have never eaten the whole of this thin crisp tomato gravy oregano n cheese at one go!

 and while i ate all of this i surfed the internet looking for good online deals 

totsy.com is a good website in case u dont mind paying in $ for shipping.
the later half of the day saw me mingling with friends over dinner… they got me this <3 <3 how i have always loved cham cham from 'bengal sweets'
bengal sweethttp://awomansays.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bengal-sweet.jpg
compensating for the 1 and 1/2 piece i ate i let the meal be strictly salad types!
they way i did the other day . and added this to the after meal snack,

all this happened on saturday… i believed i managed to balance my calories but sunday turned out to be the same… (ewwwww)

why is it so difficult to stay away from ice creams??? why do they make my will go weak??
mint milk chocolate has always been my fav! 

a friend forwarded this to me… and i so agree with the thought!!! immediate action was taken.. and results were seen…

all is well that ends well… i had a wonderful weekend even when it had lots of unplanned calories… lots of rubbish gossip with my girlies… and a lot to be happy about!!! 
how was ur weekend??
btw… my march giveaway has ended, will announce the winner tomorrow…
do catch up on the blog !
 aavjo 🙂
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killing days with calories

my gynaec says i still have time before i hatch but these days i get really tired very soon and i kinda dislike doing a lot of activity or cooking… rest is all i need and calories is all i crave for.
she has given me all d freedom to eat n drink watever i feel like…
so just a fortnight before i hatch i am killing my indoor time eating all that i wish for.
right from white forest and strawberry cream to the last of fresh strawberries and green figs and mc d burgers to chocolate crunch…
have had a calorie filled week!

wat i enjoyed more than the all the above is the fresh cranberries of the summer start!


and playing with my nephew’s balloon at the age of 25

as of now i am enjoying a calorie free lunch- lots a green salad and apam- the south indian style! ayyo mind blowing it is !!

this is the most amazing green salad i have ever had!!! the recipe belongs to my aunt! she made this for a sunday dinner at her place and mum kinda tried making the same today… will post the recipe soonish… its healthy as well as 0 calories! perfect for ppl like me who has gobbled up on a lot of creamy stuff the week before!
apam at the same time has really low calorie and since its a roasted cuisine it makes the taste even more better!
cheers to a life full of food and leisure!
there is nothing more wonderful in the world than the food mommy makes 🙂
loving all this rest time.
post some nice calorie free food recipes if u have any 🙂

p.s did u participate in my march giveaway?
march giveaway post
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neelkanth patang- a review

 before i left Ahm to be with my parents on my longest vacation after wedding i wanted a quiet romantic dinner date with PG… he knew exactly where it would be quiet with food and a beautiful view. 
we chose to go to Neelkanth group’s Patang hotel. this was my first visit to this place and he knew i would love the place. they say its as high as seventeenth floor or maybe it was seventh… and the revolving restaurant gives a super giddy feeling in the beginning (since it was my first time here i wasn’t ready to ride around during my meal) but its lovely ambiance soon catches you with grace.

the look over the sabarmati riverfront is the best one… maybe someday i will visit this place again and see the riverfront as a more happening place than the silent one as of now. 
these are our entry platters… looked and tasted yummy!

a fairly large menu for the day… i could possibly not eat all this even if i just tasted them … like 2 spoons each!!! i wonder who has such a huge appetite! but its always good to see so many options out here…

the spread looked just so wonderful all around…

my main course meal… tiny servings aint it?? 

  i had little scoops of 3 salads, rice n thai curry, noodles and a baked dish… because i had my eyes on filling up my platter for something more delicious…

dont they look freaking beautiful?? PG has a sweet tooth too (glad i have him as my husband) so we dugged right into my ice cream bowl after he finished with his main course… its called cotton candy.. i poured over some chocolate sauce for more color.

here’s how my dessert plate looked like.. *devil’s smile*

  of course PG helped me finish all that… digging into all things sweet?? it called for the occasion, we were celebrating … a so-called v-day that we didnt get to spend together eventually due to some ironic reasons.
and this is me… blown up in a balloon.
i m sure my tiny tot has started loving food too…  
 i would definitely visit this place again. for the food. for the ambiance. for the quick service. for the lovely view. for the memorable time i can spend with PG.
i suggest you guys to a tour too! 
tour is free! meal will cost you anything between 299(for kids)-599rs a per person.
aavjo 🙂

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my last potluck

 I remember when I came to Ahm, I  didn’t like the place initially… truely speaking its more happening city than my hometown but somehow the streak of being lonely without a bunch of good old friends made me dislike the place… INITIALLY.
Later I made some friends, and found a good job with a publishing house as a creative director and the whole free time got converted into busy working hours. I realized I needed more friends to feel fresh once in a while but could make only a few- friends who are friends to my husband.
Until P101 happened!
I met some amazing girls and I knew I could fit in right there and make myself a bunch of friends who I could chat around and hang out with, share a meal or just talk about morning blues over wats app!!

a few months with them had been amazing, meeting them every morning for our ritual class sessions, talking over silly mid night cravings and loving every movement we spent smiling and laughing over conversations. we even had lots of potluck sessions. at my first one I was really shy, I didn’t know what to do and how to go about it… I was a newbie back then. the others that followed were fab nevertheless i enjoyed all of them

And here comes that time I had my last potluck session… a lot of food and saying good byes with a heavy heart!
my last day at P101; VJ wanted a foodie farewell to me and my bump! and why not, i practically grew larger with all of them *giggles*

From pasta to infamous gujju handvo and poha and cholle bhatura and halwa… it was a delight!
we gorged into all things with a lot of delight!

geeta(the tall mommy to be)- also clicking away pictures… i wonder why she hasnt shared them with us yet…

 the entire meal… and hiding under the silver lid is the halwa VJ’s mom made… it was awesome 🙂

VJ- she just delivered a baby girl last evening… mwaaahhh… u are one gorgeous mommy!

Godmother to all the kiddos- Rita… she has been there during our mid night cramps and shallow mood swings, from cribbing about m-i-l to pushing us to exercise and make ourselves fitter as we gain baby weight!
ohhh… the goodies she prepares for us and the laughs we share with her… her lovely morning smile and the way she greets us with her special ‘how are you today?’ is filled with so much of warmth.
I truly miss her a lot now.
p.s rita, i am sorry i have a very different looking pic here… but this is how i remember u, in your tracks smiling away, running around for us making us feel at home.

and here is a picture of all my beautiful girls- with vj missing.

i love u all <3 <3
cheers to a wonderful motherhood !

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the missing week

 i have been away for a while. blame it on bigger belly, pregnancy cramps and fatigue!! 
but the kitchen has seen more of me recently, cooking the most wonderful dinner treats for PG and his gang… and eventually my P101 gang too! all the young ladies loved it.
starting with a delicious platter of 300 calories in every 5 bites!

my dietician calls it unhealthy sin but i call it samosa, like every other girl !
i am allowed some calories these days… its time to celebrate my entry into the third trimester. some more love flowed in last week… PG got these for me when i mentioned i can smell some muffins in the air! everything chocolate filled seems delicious these days! blame the hormonal changes 😛 i love them !

i had to balance the calories with more nutritious and good looking stuff! helped myself with a green snack in the evening.

 and a mug full of cocoa after dinner! this cocoa mug was a gift from me to PG when we were sorta dating each other! he never used it! he thinks the flowers make it look girly! wth!! nevermind, i have been using it ever since we married!

lot of love flowing in from all corners… have some great recipes and pics to share with u all… see u soonish 
aavjo 🙂
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year 2013

The year had to begin on a wonderful note. i had to do some spl cooking n some grt farmer market shopping. not to forget time for resolutions.

 gajjar ka halwa! not that i needed more sugar… had a huge platter of it on new year’s eve but pregnancy cravings are hard to resist. 
what i suggest to calorie conscious ppl- have more of milk and fresh cream rather than khoya or ghee… i had only 4 spoons of ghee added to a huge kadhai… which lasted for 2 days even when everyone was literally hogging in.
choose red carrots which are naturally sweet… u cannot alternate sugar for anything else but heyy… even if there are 4 spoons less of it due to red carrots its still worth the shot. some buys of 2013… i need to get fitter for the third trimester.

my favorite- havent gone thru one day since i saw them in the markets without a few berries in my snack.

 and all the vitamin c i can gather. have been munching on these for a long time now and it has helped me. visible lustrous shine in hair but a boost in immunity. 

and a lovlier winter morning note making- 
what a grt start to twenty thirteen. i love this year. and its going to be the best one of my life! loving every day n every moment. 
aavjo 🙂

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bidding good bye

 yea, so the doc finally said the words- ‘no more junk food! no more breads n biscuits! no more cakes… not even a slice of plum cake on christmas; forget cheese cakes and no more spicy meals at fancy restaurants! atleast not for three more months!’ 
omg!!! how can she expect me to resist the breads n cakes n restaurants?
i just cannot cannot do it.
or maybe…
i can take that as a challenge and show it to her… after all she says this coz she is worried for me. and now that i know that the world is not ending i can certainly wait for a few more months before my next binge!

so how do i bid a good bye? with a final round of bruschettas!

made two batches- one with corn on wheat bread and one with bell peppers on multigrain… its a simple recipe. anyone can make it and the best part is it isnt very messy to make at home, doesnt require a lotta preparation and quick to make. perfect for unexpected guests.
i guess this will keep me stuffed for 3 more months.
if not, i shall visit this blog again n make myself believe i gotta stay away from all this baked crap for now.
anything that u crave for and have been discouraged to have it ??
aavjo 🙂
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christmas reminiscence

 How i wish i could go out and celebrate christmas, visit some cake shop with friends where a stupid looking indian thin n short santa is dancing n trying to amuse all for a few bucks an hour… go back to school and enjoy some plump cute teacher don a santa outfit and singing christmas carols… the decorations back in the mirchi office… geez… how i miss being home for christmas even when it meant nothing more than a foreigner’s festival… the ride to a convent school to see the christmas tree…
it was all so beautiful… i miss it all

chucking the cupcakes coz i just had it on the so called last day on earth 
i opted for a more fruity day to celebrate it while watching christmas movies on tv, the vitamins

the sugar,

some more greens… 

and some sins… yea.. noodles is so off my list for many months but i just could not resist!

and some grape bottled juice… though the tropicana cranberry  was much better and this even tasted fake.. i  mean no where near natural juice. 473ml of sugary water!

 since its going to be all rush mush outside today… i planned to stay indoors!
will look for a cupcake tomorrow!
wat did u do today on christmas??
aavjo 🙂
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