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BerryTree : Noah’s ark


remember those childhood stories about Noah and how he build his big wooden ark to save all the animals?
well, the ark was build to save planet earth and mankind and the flora and the fauna and happiness and sanity and love and warmth and everything that is important to mother earth!

image: pinterest

image: pinterest

something similar happened to us a few days back when my son was teething and it became impossible for me to handle his tantrums. scientifically i don’t know what tooth is that called, i didn’t even search it on google.. once he starts going to school he shall teach me more than i remember from my school days and i want to keep the excitement and surprise element intact until then.
coming back to the difficult times, he had fever , the temp went up and down every few hours. he kept me up all night long, embracing me like a little kangaroo.
my little moppet refused to eat anything. all he had was strawberry flavored cold milk and oranges. no grains, no pulses.
just like Noah , i was worried. mother me didn’t know what would make his situation less painful.
i sell these Heinz and gerber products. i have my own small little baby food business. and usually gerber graduates puffs are his favorite. but the tooth ache made him refuse all food solid.
and these came in the courier right on time. oh yea… u knew i was calling u subconsciously BerryTree? 1/10

berrytree in two flavors

berrytree in two flavors

i know i should be cooking some stuff for him, mashing up those fruits and veggies, and strain them and make fresh stuff for him and then run behind him to feed that. and even run around supermarkets and find new stuff i can come home with, boil it, and again mash it…
whatever!! i am not one of those mothers who has all that time in the world to do all this when even better tastes are available in these mason jars i can trust the quality for! made in Germany , if you have followed me on Instagram ,
you know i posted a pic of these berry tree jars when they arrived. good looks- 2/10

i opened the apple-strawberry-banana flavor with a clink sound! wow! air tight sealed ehh!! so good. 3/10



and i was really not sure he would eat anything apart from oranges and milk, so we picked up our favorite hippo book! the hippo has friends like tiger, elephant, giraffe and many more. friend’s from the Noah’s ark times huh!?

read and eat!

read and eat!

this is a tip all moms either follow or would love to follow after this post, let the child look at those gigantic pictures while you feed him. it may take him hundred years to finish off the meal.. no, just kidding, maybe like 20 minutes more than usual but it is super fun, and its a great time to bond with the child if you are a working mom and don’t usually get time to spend with your kitten. story telling and feeding work like milk with cornflakes. perfect combo!
the first spoon went in without being noticed since D was busy recognizing all of hippo’s friends at the birthday party! and he paused.. .. .. ..
yay! he signaled for one more spoon of the stuff! 4/10

mumma.. aa aapo ne

mumma.. aa aapo ne

haash! what a sigh of relief. i don’t know who thought of berry tree at the first place in Germany but whoever did must receive my thanks and a big bear hug. they may not know what a pain it is to mommies whose kids have difficult times to complete a meal at one go! 5/10

oh! by the way, this is what happened after two minutes. 6/10



thank you berrytree. 7/10

we had a birthday party to attend in the next two days… his own!
i knew the meal at the party was good enough for all the kids there but my son himself was not in a mood to chew anything at all! so there comes in use one more jar out of the motherbag at the dinner that followed the party. 8/10
he was in a good mood and even had some cake and fries at the party! i have been concerned about his food and health from the very beginning and hence, i only try foods that are healthy, nutritious, and hygienic. we take a dozen measures to keep things clean and safe for him everywhere, don’t we? then why not choose a pre-made meal that also takes utmost care like mommies do!
need some proof?

healthy n wise

healthy n wise

ignore the sketch pen mark and the undone nails… i am not a fashion blogger, just a mother! (worried for the kid at the moment of the pic taken)

for me this product was a savior, like the ark. came in handy when i needed it the most, when he refused all food, semi solid and juices too. as a mom for the first time i keep a regular check on his weight gain. i use a lot of ready made food for my kid and make it a point that it does not create digestion problems or allergies and side effects like no weight gain etc.
berrytree is a product i recommend to all mothers and nanny’s ! saves time, appeals the kid’s taste buds, sealed pack, nutritious, colorful, perfect one meal quantity, carry anywhere jar size, reusable mason jar packs 10/10 …

err… yes. i did this!

mango-milk pulp

mango-milk pulp

i thought it looked similar to the original one in the jar
i thought he loves the mango taste
i thought the semi solid texture matched too
i thought it would work…
it would work.
it didn’t work!
it didn’t work!

sorry berry tree, i was just trying to use the same trick your jars did on the first instance.
sadly i had only two jars, {plz send more 🙂 mode activated}

on the whole berrytree works for all, if your kid is 4 months plus, try buying a few jars from or on firstcry, amazon and ecomartindia

cheers and love to your little one,
kunj 🙂

snacking after b.feeding

i have no idea why b.feeding makes me so hungry every 3-4 hours but i certainly eat a lot… if i dont eat in quantity (read it as longer feed hours, potty-pee change ups, sleep time, mid-night, massage-bath times) i make sure i drink something thats really heavy and keeps me full for the next 4 hours straight!
if you are a new momma these things will help you when u have very less time to fix a meal for yourself.

a bunch of fresh litchi… juicy n filling.

a huge glass of mango milkshake- a single tall glass can keep u on your toes for four hours! and its mango season right now… fresh n sweet.  

a slice of handvo… pre-prepare it and microwave for 15 seconds when you feel hungry. we call it handvo in gujarati, dont ask me what its called in english or hindi. a momma has very less time to initiate synonym search on google.

keep tubs on ice cream handy in the freezer all the time. you never know when u may need them.
read – midnight hunger pangs.

i caught up on a caramel coffee and brownie snack after a long longgggg time… it was ‘lets date again’ evening with PG. he knows what makes me happy- a hot piece of brownie 🙂

one more handy stuff in your bedroom for midnight snacking after b.feed-
PG fills my freezer with such bars every time he visits me… i m one lucky wife 🙂

these are  my snacking options- what are yours??
anything with lesser calories and more nutrients?? lemme know… i am gaining fats!!!!


breathing life

life is getting back to its routine… eating apples and driving a two wheeler… the whole confinement period is done and enjoyed! not its time to get back into normal food love and chilling out, obviously my baby has the first preference. 🙂  i drove a two wheeler after 5 months… yeah! deffo feels good.

i am slowly getting back into shape.. looking for a post-pregnancy waist belt… any good finds u aware of??

 and now i also get time to look through this brainy baby cd by babycenter.in
it has a few tips and tricks (all in video format) a good buy if you are living alone.
otherwise your momma has tons to tell u.. more than the cd shows. her experience is the best one and you should trust her on that.

what are you guys upto?
kunj 🙂

the missing week

 i have been away for a while. blame it on bigger belly, pregnancy cramps and fatigue!! 
but the kitchen has seen more of me recently, cooking the most wonderful dinner treats for PG and his gang… and eventually my P101 gang too! all the young ladies loved it.
starting with a delicious platter of 300 calories in every 5 bites!

my dietician calls it unhealthy sin but i call it samosa, like every other girl !
i am allowed some calories these days… its time to celebrate my entry into the third trimester. some more love flowed in last week… PG got these for me when i mentioned i can smell some muffins in the air! everything chocolate filled seems delicious these days! blame the hormonal changes 😛 i love them !

i had to balance the calories with more nutritious and good looking stuff! helped myself with a green snack in the evening.

 and a mug full of cocoa after dinner! this cocoa mug was a gift from me to PG when we were sorta dating each other! he never used it! he thinks the flowers make it look girly! wth!! nevermind, i have been using it ever since we married!

lot of love flowing in from all corners… have some great recipes and pics to share with u all… see u soonish 
aavjo 🙂
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GRAPOBERRY – that’s what i call my snacking plates these days. 
i was munching on a few while on my way to the weekly spiritual class at p101

with the winter winds slashing across the doors and slipping under the window slits its been tough going out and hanging around/socializing basically. i stay a lot indoors and read or watch tv…
and certain tv shows are so tempting…

 i need to get on to some baking tomorrow.. but while i watched this all i munched on was- 

  i am sure there is a lot of grape and strawberry mocktail blending inside me right now…
time to grab some calcium and read my favorite food blogs before saying good night!

 i still have a lot of time before the baby pops out yet i am already on the research mode of how to shed off all i gained !
till the next time we meet- have some cocoa and stay warm!
aavjo 🙂
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mexico ahoy !

 was craving to dug my teeth into some beans and sauce!
remember those mexican craving days of mine??
we visited just Mexican again, this time we were a little lucky with our order. we didn’t have to wait much longer. got these buttery babies hot n fresh!
my crisp wrap with lots of oozing cheese, red sauce and an orange drink.

crisp bean wrap and bean n rice burrito 

 it was fun! they even are very clean with the small eatery, neat.
but wat i really liked the most is- though small one never enters into bean n sauce n cheesy smell even when everyone is eating the same!
there is no food odor in the rectangular restaurant. which is the same reason why i visit it more often!
there are many ‘just mexican’ outlets in the city, yet i prefer the one closer to my home- the judges bunglow outlet. it even has a lively atmosphere in and around!

 some late night snacking while blogging. time to summon a strawberry thick shake. aka lots of vitamins followed by lots of calcium

 strawberry has literally entered my brain waves n blood veins!
got one more box from the market today!
aavjo 🙂
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year 2013

The year had to begin on a wonderful note. i had to do some spl cooking n some grt farmer market shopping. not to forget time for resolutions.

 gajjar ka halwa! not that i needed more sugar… had a huge platter of it on new year’s eve but pregnancy cravings are hard to resist. 
what i suggest to calorie conscious ppl- have more of milk and fresh cream rather than khoya or ghee… i had only 4 spoons of ghee added to a huge kadhai… which lasted for 2 days even when everyone was literally hogging in.
choose red carrots which are naturally sweet… u cannot alternate sugar for anything else but heyy… even if there are 4 spoons less of it due to red carrots its still worth the shot. some buys of 2013… i need to get fitter for the third trimester.

my favorite- havent gone thru one day since i saw them in the markets without a few berries in my snack.

 and all the vitamin c i can gather. have been munching on these for a long time now and it has helped me. visible lustrous shine in hair but a boost in immunity. 

and a lovlier winter morning note making- 
what a grt start to twenty thirteen. i love this year. and its going to be the best one of my life! loving every day n every moment. 
aavjo 🙂

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on a sweet note


Two hours before the countdown and everyone jumps with joy hugging n kissing n shaking hands… whatever pleases the other person wishing them a happy new year.

While everyone is partying this year i am at home… watching back to back big bang theory on star world and twilight saga on star movies…. last year was  a disaster since i had no friends around… it continues even today; until we bump into someone nice n friendly for the dinner i am about to go to right now…
so a quickie post on how i spend my last day of twenty twelve on a sweet note.

i wiped it clean like its the last ever chocolate plate on earth !!!
talk about pregnancy cravings and i am so deep into that hot pot!
no one makes pancakes as wonderful as chocolate room.
i have never been a chocolate person like my off spring is – just like its dad!
so i dug my teeth into this whole plate … all by myself !!!

 yea.. so proud of my accomplishment of finishing this whole plate of chocolate and calories all by myself. 
time to add something sane and more beneficial for my bod…

all set to leave for the night out! 
see you all next year.. in a happy cheerful note.
signing off for twenty twelve
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christmas reminiscence

 How i wish i could go out and celebrate christmas, visit some cake shop with friends where a stupid looking indian thin n short santa is dancing n trying to amuse all for a few bucks an hour… go back to school and enjoy some plump cute teacher don a santa outfit and singing christmas carols… the decorations back in the mirchi office… geez… how i miss being home for christmas even when it meant nothing more than a foreigner’s festival… the ride to a convent school to see the christmas tree…
it was all so beautiful… i miss it all

chucking the cupcakes coz i just had it on the so called last day on earth 
i opted for a more fruity day to celebrate it while watching christmas movies on tv, the vitamins

the sugar,

some more greens… 

and some sins… yea.. noodles is so off my list for many months but i just could not resist!

and some grape bottled juice… though the tropicana cranberry  was much better and this even tasted fake.. i  mean no where near natural juice. 473ml of sugary water!

 since its going to be all rush mush outside today… i planned to stay indoors!
will look for a cupcake tomorrow!
wat did u do today on christmas??
aavjo 🙂
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mission red!

 I still cant forget those horrible two days last month… 
it was painful and now i have decided to get back my hb level by the next time i get tested… thats sometime next week. 
remember the cranberry from the hospital day?
hehe… i continued painting my plates red last week and i experimented in the kitchen this week too…

guess who i met this morning for breakfast?

 we spend a good half an hour together… me and the melon!
met the other half again late afternoon while watching bernie and howie get married! wow!!

alrite, the wedding was over, time to celebrate! i could avoid the sweets n cake and lavish dinner, and make myself a passing mocktail to feel like i am a part of the party 😉
threw in some beetroot, tomato and carrot with sugar n salt to crush it into this

 lovely color aint it ?
for all those who need a blood level shoot up session, can try this. for a better taste i would recommend not to crush the juice fully, keep a few crunchy pieces in there for a great texture and taste- like you get to enjoy fruit bits in a fruit punch!
or just munch into this bowl like i did late last night.

i have 3 days before one more hb test… and this time i better get a double digit result! 

cheers to fun and food 🙂
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