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rest assured!

I was planning to go out this weekend… just a chotta honeymoon before our anniversary next week which apprantely is on a week day and i am sure none of us will be free for mushy love. yaa… maybe a romantic dinner that night! but we are very practical when it comes to work and reserve weekends rather than waste a working day to hold hands and talk like teenagers. hahaha probably god wanted us to stay together on a working day missing work, the only sad part is it came as a tragedy!on wednesday! and had to forcefully spend 2 days outta home in a luxurious maternity hospital with my husband holding my hands and giving me encouraging hugs… waking upin the middle of the night to and day to help me out …. 

we even watched a film together to kill time- baby’s day out!
and yea… quite true! we were there for the baby! so it was literally my baby’s first stay at a hospital even though i still have a lot of time before it comes into the world.

drank lots of cranberry juice… plain/just/only cranberry juice 😛
with a baby around next year we cannot no mixing ppl 🙂

… i found some love in cooking channels.

i even had appliances in my room and was tempted to bake something… only if the needle wasnt into my right hand. 
it was a surprise to see such a fancy hospital… probably all hospitals are… it was my first time in here so it was surprising for me. 

also i wasnt allowed to eat anything! had to stay fruitilicious…

though the tragedy or the location wasn’t perfect but PG and i had a lovely 2 day holiday together. forced to stay away from work/office calls and being pampered by him day and night 😉 now that the pain has gone, i love every part of it.cheers to love , life n good health!aavjo 🙂  

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post honey singh evening

Guess who we met last evening?


it certainly has been a while since Ganu last


people gave him money and he let them touch him, i touched his trunk… so strong n rough! it sure was a cute experience though…


we were at a Honey Singh concert that turned out to be a flop show!! i pity those who paid a huge amount for the passes which was tuned off within 20 mins of its beginning! 
anyways, it was still nice catching up with a few of PG’s friends and hogging on these mini wheels of dough veggies and cheeeeeese 


and a mid night snack!!! 
i am not surprised at myself to have started mid night snacks since past whole week 🙂

this sweet fellow is often called as buddha fruit or sharifa! and many other names in different places. mo matter what it’s name… it manages to satisfy the human hunger and the happiness quotient !
and …. that’s what really matters, right? oh yes !! 

what are your fav mid night snacks?

aavjo 🙂

fruitilicious day

There are days when i feel i need to de-toxify myself! eat a lot of organic stuff and breathe in fresh air. and for me, detoxification means eating a lot of veggies and fruits. you should try this too… it not only helps your body gain back all the vitamins you may have missed while having all the wrong spices but also help clean the stomach and give it a light happy feeling. for a change the tummy doesnt need to growl on what all shit it has to digest and how long it may take to complete the task (yes… children picture books and cartoons do influence my such thoughts!)
begin the day with no oily paratha breakfast but a healthy fibrous fruit juice. i always have sweet-lime.


and a dear friend gifted me these this morning. they are so yummy and chewy. makes up for the caffeine i wanted to ditch for the whole day.  

the afternoon was pretty lame, a few more fruits for lunch. i have always loved them but they dont feel satisfying with out the spices… well, remember! thats what we feel but the stomach is pretty full with whatever you eat with/without spices. while detoxifying, taste buds are not always happy. 
the evening saw me craving for some real food. something that would crunch and crack in my mouth with juices tingling my tongue. i went back to charbhuja , my favorite airy eatery and asked him to pack some vegetable sandwiches. i was heading my way to meet a cousin of mine. pretty neat and clean in their eatery… and they make it all in front of you. good fresh hygienic stuff!
what i did while waiting or her… picked up lots of greens veggies and some other stuff for PG. (psst: i love to shop for him :))

and there i was unpacking charbhuja delicacies while she popped out a bday gift for me ! yay!!!! how i love receiving gifts 🙂 
she made sure it was kept a secret till i get my hands on it and bwoy… i was truely surprised and flushed with love on this gesture of hers.
popped in a glass full of sugarcane juice and lots of veggies and chutney layered on the bread. my favorite evening meal ANY DAY !!


The late evening snack didnt leave me much hungry for dinner… good for me! 
i slivered a huge guava and kept on munching slices in between cooking and while watching some tv… this constant munching of a single guava every few minutes was my way of not feeling hungry later in the night. 

a whole day of fruitilicious flavor. enjoyed the light feeling of the stomach, a clean digestive system for the day. lots of fruits and juices for the vitamins and fibre i need. 
you should try this once a month at least. 
this would give you the lost glow on your face too. if you see all the pics again- i haven’t had a single spoon of oil in the day. so i keep myself calorie free. i have heard a ‘strawberry&oat’ day is also detoxifying. will have to wait for the strawberry season to try this one. 
aavjo 🙂