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ITC once again

 I have no idea why i never came across this bottle before?? well, i simply asked kitchens of india to sent me this because i like the idea of strawberry and mint together! had no clue it would taste just so fantastic!!

i tried it with thepla this morning… well, what else do u expect for breakfast in a la-la gujju house!!?

it not only tastes awesome but i found it much more better than the other brand of jams and conserves i have had till now! this wasn’t extremely sweet like the normal jams and i even found mint leaves and strawberry chunks in it! that makes my face glow 🙂 its like finding a toy in a cornflakes box 😛 (silly, yet me!)

while the morning started off with jam and thepla… it got worked up again the evening with some bread slices a.k.a the angrezi style!

 it was delicious this way too… and i really dont like to put on dollops of it on my breads n theplas… i like it just a little for the taste. 
what i liked about the conserve was the strawberry wasnt extremely sweet! and the hint of mint gave it a lip smacking taste!
i have a long way to go with this pink bottle 🙂
i am glad kitchens on india sent it to me. 

time to try one more package from the box tomorrow!
aavjo 🙂
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The Okra Show

Hahahaaa… the other day a friend at P101 told me how she began learning kitchen rules and cooking after her wedding date was fixed. she thought she knew it all until on the 3rd day after wedding she was asked to cook bhindi aka okra aka ladies finger. she chopped ’em into pieces and dumped them in a pressure cooker with water and spices! whooopss!! it surely is something you will laugh at a lot in future. but for now it was such a gigantic mistake!!
she isnt the only one who told me about such a blunder. a few other friends also tried cooking bhindi the similar way. freak! how can you even think of it??

well, i in that matter didnt make that mistake. (doesnt mean i never made a cooking blunder… remember this?? )
but for now, i make perfect gujju bhindi sabzi and i hereby declare the recipe open to use. just mention my name/blog url in case u are referring it to others. feels nice when ppl appreciate it u see.

i diced the bhindi and added a medium sized potato (i thought the quantity wasn’t just enough… cooking intuition )

add 5 tsps of vegetable oil in a kadhai or a deep cooking vessel and let it heat at a medium flame. once its evenly heated.. add 2 huge spoons of garlic paste *optional* (garlic petals smashed into paste with salt and red chili powder), saute it for a few seconds.
next- add the bhindi (and potato) into the vessel and mix well, put a lid over the container and let the lid be a little deep (i use a thali / dish as a lid) so that you can pour in half a glass of water over the lid. that means no water inside the vessel but over the lid. let it cook for a minute.

next- drag the lid carefully aside. the water filled lid still needs to used. add in the spices – chili powder, coriander-jeera powder, and salt. use it as per the taste you or your family likes. gujju food is normally very spicy. you may prefer to vary according to your taste buds. 
mix it well and notice it getting sticky. put on the lid again… if the water has evaporated, fill it again. 
let it cook for 7 mins. (varies according to quantity,… plz keep on checking it)
once cooked, garnish it with coriander (i dont do with mine… )
serve it with chappati or parantha. 

things to take care of :
1. do not dice the veggies very thin… these are not french fries.. if tastes better if kept bigger.
2. be careful with the chili powder in case you are adding garlic paste. you dont want the burning sensation later. 
3. heat it again in case it still feels sticky. 
4. do NOT add water in the vessel.
5. do NOT cook it at high flame. low to medium is just perfect.
6. let the bhindi cook a little in oil/garlic paste before adding the spices. let the oil seep in for a better taste.
7. do NOT overdo the quantity of oil… you dont want others to typecast gujju recipe as oily and unhealthy. its NOT^^ 

lemme know if you tried it… lemme know if you have a yummy okra recipe too. 
would love to read or share with my readers.

aavjo 🙂

Mangal Murti Moriya

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp and joy here… the bringing home of a Ganu Idol, praying it for 10 days and even serving him sweets from desi ghee… later eaten by gluttony kids and their parents.

this year… my first Ganesh mahotsav in my sasural gave me a chance to witness the prayers every night. 
Ganpati’d first day at our home, when he was still being decorated for the festival. 
the sweet that followed. no matter how many calories it counted in it… bhagwan ka prasad hai… manaa nahi karte.
yummm yumm… i cant understand y do humans love to eat all that had lots of calories?? even when we know what its as equal to 20minutes on a treadmill we still cant resist it.. why o why?


followed by this beautiful aarti in the evening, the whole atmosphere is mesmerizing 🙂

the night brought a smile on my face looking at ganpati and a riot of laughter later on when i went to this gujju play by Siddharth Randeriya,. what a talented actor he is. he writes/directs/acts/produces.. what a jolly man! no human can leave the theater without a few chuckles. 
taking pictures wasn’t allowed as “gujjubhai ni Golmaal” is his newest production but i clicked one anyways… the only one i have because i wanted to put it on the blog. the one sitting on a chair in the far left corner is Siddharth ji.
a pic with him at the backstage- a very dull pic… but.. it surely is an achievement to meet this guy i person…


what are your weekend plans? i am attending a couple of bday parties…
lots of september babies i know. the weekend will be a cheesy one with lots of food and cake 🙂 eeeyay!
aavjo 🙂

my love story

I would have never imagined writing this done. but doing it for a contest , for an ultimate dream come true— get published! it has always been a dream since i started reading jane austen in class 11. i always wanted to write and be published. blogspot has been the kickstart… but i wanna be ‘chetan-bhagat-famous’. it isn’t a small dream, ain’t it?

well, ours was more of a love that was arranged.
we met through our parents, the hot coffee table talks saw the love blossoming.
if you see/meet our parents, they are a few of those typical gujju parents who would first think about society and family image… the one who wouldn’t allow love springing through late night talks and secret meetings… yet, for a change they let us talk and ‘get to know each other na baba, he looks like a nice matrimonial match for u’…

when we finally fell in love and declared our statuses as ‘in a relationship’ the same set of parents wanted us stop thinking of each other, forget calling, meeting, greeting , chatting! a red alert warning to stop seeing each other from our parents alarmed us! because ours was a love to last…

my entry to the indiblogger contest