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double trouble

I see this handsome tall fellow driving a swanky new car and I go ‘wow’ .. then I see his mother sitting next to him and I go shit…. I realize a second later I too have a MIL and I am booked and I go double oh shit man!

there are always better opportunities I get when I have just started a new job… there are always some really good men I come across after I get married too, and at times they are married too. hahaha of course there is no harm in searching for anything that’s perfect. I look at those men and wonder if he is perfect or the one I have at home is the perfect-est one? There is always this quench for perfection and it is during this search that we fall into double trouble most of the times. More often I meet a few parents at social functions and get-togethers who I talk to and feel very mediocre, there are always things they have in them that makes them better parents compared to me whenever we have a quick chat about potty training and new words learned by our kids or simply just what new activities to involve the kids in if they aren’t enrolled in that expensive pre-school school groups.


Being a mother you will never be happy with all you have and yet be happy with all you have

This search for perfection and wishing for more than what you are in your life leads to all sorts of double trouble moments. These moments are rare to happen but when they happen with me, I really want to run away to some corner of the world and imagine all this has never happened like it happens in those movies… alas! i have no money enough to travel the world for free.. my son and I are slaves to luxury for which his father works hard enough… ouch!
I dread days when there is pee on the new carpet … when clothes I just washed need to be washed again because he pulled them out from the dryer and dragged them all over the floor or used as a cape to win a deadly fight against an imaginary jungle animal that had blown into our home with the wind and only the 2 feet 10 teeth man in my house can see it. so much and yet so innocent!


At times I feel life should be like the one Carrie Bradshaw has, who needs a few cosmos and three pretty friends to live life the prettier way.

But again Carrie is only someone’s beautiful imagination and my troubles are not!

I began working on some public speaking lectures I took for a class of 150 over three consecutive days at a teacher training college… for the very first time eight hours away from the madness was feeling so good. it felt like I was a mini vacation. I played some Obama and PMOI-Modi videos rather than old macdonald or incy vincy spider… I talked about great speeches and body language instead of oogly woogly aeroplane that bumps into the tummy and up it goes into the mouth,.. whooshhh!!!!

yes, I do all of that crazy stuff in real, in public! because I am a mom!


double trouble begins when you come home all tired… his new white tee becomes yellow after the first wash after you feed him some turmeric coriander sauteed rice after he puked out his milk and ruined your brand new shirt you wore to the workplace or for an evening out with friends who think you dress up like a boring mom. haaaa!! and they call you boring!! no one knows what it feels like to ruin you new clothes even before its been even worn properly.

double trouble is not missing my firm milk bags before they even became milk bags.. now they just hang in there like a bunch of old grannies no matter whatever I wear to keep them upright and tight… double trouble is when right after I write this I know the next time you meet me you are going to give me atleast two extra glances or stare at them to see if it really is how I just described the sacred lactating twins.

Motherhood is fascinating… and I enjoy all its potential because I value them.

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Keeping the cold at bay !

I had always been advised by friends and family that if my son loves fruits and veggies there are few chances of him having cold and fever struck days… very true. but virus is a deadly non budging and fearless bug that can fly in from anywhere and enter the soft gooey body of these tiny tots. the super active spiderman becomes mr.bean all of a sudden, not that i love him calm and composed sleeping on time with a teddy in hand but i certainly dont like him sneezing and moodless. Cold oftens lasts for about 3 to 4 days and with some kids even more because they dont know how to throw out the mucous from the nose or throat… i often catch my son gulping down what pushes itself out from the lungs to the throat and on the tongue and phussssss goes down again. I encourage D to puke it on my hand and pat a little hard on his back to throw it out but he stares at me like i talk greek! he gulps the mucous and throws the bread/milk/veggies/legumes etc. what a son i have!!!

so then my MIL suggests this awesome healing from the kitchen that she always used to do with her kids… i.e my husband. I prefer not to give my son any meds until its incurable from herbs and home remedies. sharing with you all this perfect mixture that will pull the mucous out and throw it away in the dirty diaper and potty chairs.

ingredients: cardomom (full/unpeeled) – 2
milk -luke warm – about 6 spoons
safety pin – 1
ghee no diwo – 1 vatt (i have no intention of searching what it means in english. please check the picture and look it for yourself… i need to finish this post before he wakes up from his cat nap… thanks!)



light the diwo/vatt and pinch the cardomom along with the skin in the safety pin… hold it safely far enough not to get a burn yourself and burn it in the flame.


now once the full cardamom is burned let it cool down to normal room temperature.


crush this with a pestle or back of a spoon into tiny particles… and add it to lucke warm milk.


strain the milk into another cup and while its still warm feed it with a spoon to the kid.


trust me, it works wonders… must have passed it on to a dozen more mothers and it works on every one of them for keeping the cold at bay. and since it has been helping them all i thought i may post it here and help you moms too… i know its difficult to reach to everyone but we can always talk! email me on info@awomansays.com and lets share our stories…

will post your story in this space if you have one to share with others like I just did.

lots of love to you and your little ones,
Kunj 🙂