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my birth story

had read and talked a lot about contractions and labor pains but until you don’t experience it you don’t understand it in real!
on march 31st while every office in town was working till late i was feeling uneasy in my tummy. my mother felt it must be acidity or indigestion so we went for a walk in the street lights walking on the footpath and watching every office building shining with lights. everyone was working, including my dad and husband. working on the last day tax papers and stuff! i took a pause every time i had a tummy pain while on the walk, and that time it clearly felt it was gas and nothing else.

on 1st april at 5am in the morning i felt a contraction and since i had studied magazines on the same and learnt it in my P101 class from Rita, i knew it was contraction!!! a 14 second contraction every 40 minutes. i had trouble having food and walking around. yet i made it a point not to rest. i could not sleep… every time my eyelids shed there was a contraction and i lost my sleep. i called my husband who was in ahmedabad at that time (and me at my mom’s place in rajkot) to come over, i told him its time now! i could catch on some sleep out of tiredness for 2 hours in the afternoon and spent the rest of the evening in pain… i did some squats and tried walking in my parking area.
by late night my husband arrived and i was still in pain. the contractions had reached 20seconds intensity with 20 minutes apart frequency.
i was awake the whole night, counting seconds and the minutes apart and while passing the time i was constantly in touch with my pregnancy mentor Rita. she told me to continue with squats and breathing exercises.
on april 2nd, i woke my mother up at 5am and told her i just could not sleep the whole night and my contractions were now 10 minutes apart…
at 7am, i puked out last night’s dinner and the contractions were 7 minutes apart… with 30 seconds intensity. i woke my husband up and told him we had to go to the hospital and my mum woke my dad up. by 8 am everyone was ready. i took a quick shower and took a few last snaps with my husband and my tummy showcasing in bonus my puffy eyes (due to sleeplessness and stress).
8 30am- my contractions were 40 seconds intensity with 6 mins of frequency. i had already prepared my hospital bag a week before and left with it immediately.
my doc’s hospital was not that far away… we reached there in 5 mins. my gynec at that time had just finished a caesarian delivery and was washing up before examining me.
the whole labor room was bloody and dirty!!!
she examined me and said i was 2 cms dilated! i could wait for a few more mins, she asked me to lay down on the bed next door and i was admitted at 8 45am.
by that time my in laws were informed and they were on their way to rajkot,
around 9 15 i was given enema and excess hair was shaved off, clothes were changed and i.v line was inserted on my right arm.
the frequency of contractions increased and so did the intensity, when i was at a 2mins apart contraction my doc Mamta Limbasiya pinched my insides and burst the water bag. i felt a lot of warm water like substance gushing out of my body… she asked me to make a squat like position while on my back on the bed and push…
i did it a few times and i was told i am now 7-8 cms dilated. i was taken to the next room- the labor room and was asked to place my feet up on the L shaped rods and just push… as if i want to push mucous out while constipated!
all this while my husband was on the phone and wats app with Rita and passed on her msgs to me.. and as per my request my mom and my husband were allowed to stay with me in the labor room.
the doc was all set and i could feel the local anesthesia being injected… i pushed pushed and pushed…
6 huge pushes and the little one was out… at 10 55am.
as already mentioned in my birth plan all the blood was first transfused in the baby from the cord before cutting it off.  i wanted to give my baby skin to skin hug but an over-enthusiastic ped.doc took him away and started cleaning it. i was told its a boy!!
though under anesthesia i could feel the stitches being sutured at the vagina and a pain killer was injected on the right side of my waist.
the over-enthusiastic ped.doc forgot to measure my baby’s height and only weighed him. he was wrapped in a cloth and given to my husband first. he was speechless with joy. i saw my darling little angel while the sutures n cleaning continued. the doc pressed my tummy and removed all excess stuff.
the baby made a showcase to the rest of the clan  while a tired new mommy was shifted to the resting room. the ped.doc who i was told would teach me how to make a contact with the kid and teach me the basic b.feeding techniques was so enthu that he took his fees and rushed out. the new mom was left unaware of what to do next. the nurses helped at this hour and by noon i had my first b.feed session. soon i was visited by my gynec, she told me a few do’s and don’t ; she gave me my meds and explained when to take which ones. she asked me to take some food and b.feed once again. Dr. Limbasiya was very kind and asked me to call her up anytime i had trouble with the baby. there were two nurses who were asked to make rounds every few mins to check if i needed a change or any help.
i had normal daal-chawal and some juice. and once the i.v line was called off i slept for a generous three hours in the afternoon next to my kiddo. i hadn’t slept the whole night and was tired of course.
Dr. made one more round in the evening and said i could be discharged.
by 7pm i was home and on the same bed with my newborn in my arms.
life had changed in a few hours. i was promoted and had a new status to flaunt ! well… now right now. as i needed rest but i could soon do the flaunting.

kunj 🙂

am i a good mom?

He was in my womb for 39 weeks!! and i was all ready to love and take care of him once he was out and now he is 20 days old while i wonder each day…
am i producing enough milk?
am i giving him enough attention?
do i need to change my food habits?
am i eating the right nutrition ?
is he receiving the right nutrition??

all these are nightmarish questions that google my brains for answers and i fail to provide a relevant one each time….
but i have this set of beautiful mommy friends…
friends from my p101 gang, and we chat a lot over wats app!! we discuss our kid’s cranky situations and share pics/videos of how beautiful our little ones are growing up..
mine little sleepy fellow is the youngest one of all (20days)… with the eldest one 4 months old.

these girls give me a sense of belonging… that i belong to the world of motherhood and that some day as time passes i will be just fine; i will be able to understand why he is crying so much… i wil be able to understand what food i intake makes him gas-prone.
and i am loving every difficult and lovely moments with my little one right now…
a little note of a big thank you to my lovely girls- prachi, payal, shaili, shruti, vijayeta and dhara…
they have been the only and the best friends in ahm now.
we share an equilibrium that is bonded via our little cute ones.

what have i been eating these days to make the milk flow go zoom???
here are the pics:
basically hot in nature- papaya.

suva dana (dili seeds); helps improve digestion .. since i am resting most of the time and eating more than usual.

protein powders once a day in milk… these are two different varieties i tried… a detailed blog on them coming soon.

katlu: one of the wonders of food world! it reduces back pain, increases milk flow and keeps my energy level high! lots of benefits!
a recipe shall follow soon.

a mid night milk and wheat biscuit routine… i know biscuits are not a post- delivery food but who can cook at 4 in the morning?? certainly not me!!

a detailed wat to eat and wat not in the 40 day confinement period in my next blog.
till then,
to all the mommies out there…
be happy to make ur kid happy.
a happy mom = a happy kid!

i hatched !

Yes, i was away for a while and i am extremely happy to say i hatched and i did it just so perfectly!
i had not thought i could be so strong and patient. i had a tough time and all i could think of was ‘ i am sure i am not having any more babies…’ hahahaa even before i gave birth!
but the moment i saw my little boy i forgot all my pain, i forgot how weird my body structure was at the moment… i could feel the little medical procedures happening down there but i cared not how much it was paining because the joy of seeing my boy made it all the seem like a prick.
there is so much i want to write and share through my blogs… so much about motherhood and the daily challenges i have face and learn to overcome  but today as i write my first blog as a mother whose baby is no more in the tummy i have only one thing to say….

my m-i-l as well as my mother have been constant support system to me but i could not have done this so well without Rita.. my trainer, my guru, a friend, a calm listener, a guide and a lot more…
she had been chatting with me even at 2am in the night and back at 6 in the morning … checking with me how i am doing…
she had been so encouraging through those 24 hours that giving birth seemed easier than the way elders (read society butterflies) described to me…
i have no words to thank her enough of the help she provided me all through the 5 months…

there is always this someone u find in a new land that changes ur life forever and for me that someone was her. i found love for my little one there- when i broke the news to my hibby i said it very reluctantly as i wasnt sure if i wanted the baby or rather i was ready for it in the first place. Rita helped me cope with the fact that life is abt to change and that change is going to be beautiful but it will all depend on how i enjoy it. she taught me to love my body that was changing day by day in a curvy and beautiful one. as i write this i miss my tummy n i miss my young one’s kicks inside me even when i have him right here in my arms.
Rita came as an unheard blessing who made sure i ate right stuff, i exercised right enough… i thought positive and behaved positive as well..
its in her aura, in the vibes of her classroom which acted as a meditation class to  a picnic spot to a celebration hall to gossip adda and even at times a therapy room…
she has been a perfect mentor to me… and i cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me and all the other girls.
please visit this website and spread the word to those preggy women u know in ahmedabad and surat. it shall benefit them in tons.

she is also very active on her facebook page-

now this blog needs a makeover… will be back with a new blog and a new look in a while… actually i dont know how long that ‘while’ will be.. it all depends on how much time i get between changing nappies and taking a nap. 😉 a new life begins
 cheeers to motherhood.
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my last potluck

 I remember when I came to Ahm, I  didn’t like the place initially… truely speaking its more happening city than my hometown but somehow the streak of being lonely without a bunch of good old friends made me dislike the place… INITIALLY.
Later I made some friends, and found a good job with a publishing house as a creative director and the whole free time got converted into busy working hours. I realized I needed more friends to feel fresh once in a while but could make only a few- friends who are friends to my husband.
Until P101 happened!
I met some amazing girls and I knew I could fit in right there and make myself a bunch of friends who I could chat around and hang out with, share a meal or just talk about morning blues over wats app!!

a few months with them had been amazing, meeting them every morning for our ritual class sessions, talking over silly mid night cravings and loving every movement we spent smiling and laughing over conversations. we even had lots of potluck sessions. at my first one I was really shy, I didn’t know what to do and how to go about it… I was a newbie back then. the others that followed were fab nevertheless i enjoyed all of them

And here comes that time I had my last potluck session… a lot of food and saying good byes with a heavy heart!
my last day at P101; VJ wanted a foodie farewell to me and my bump! and why not, i practically grew larger with all of them *giggles*

From pasta to infamous gujju handvo and poha and cholle bhatura and halwa… it was a delight!
we gorged into all things with a lot of delight!

geeta(the tall mommy to be)- also clicking away pictures… i wonder why she hasnt shared them with us yet…

 the entire meal… and hiding under the silver lid is the halwa VJ’s mom made… it was awesome 🙂

VJ- she just delivered a baby girl last evening… mwaaahhh… u are one gorgeous mommy!

Godmother to all the kiddos- Rita… she has been there during our mid night cramps and shallow mood swings, from cribbing about m-i-l to pushing us to exercise and make ourselves fitter as we gain baby weight!
ohhh… the goodies she prepares for us and the laughs we share with her… her lovely morning smile and the way she greets us with her special ‘how are you today?’ is filled with so much of warmth.
I truly miss her a lot now.
p.s rita, i am sorry i have a very different looking pic here… but this is how i remember u, in your tracks smiling away, running around for us making us feel at home.

and here is a picture of all my beautiful girls- with vj missing.

i love u all <3 <3
cheers to a wonderful motherhood !

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the missing week

 i have been away for a while. blame it on bigger belly, pregnancy cramps and fatigue!! 
but the kitchen has seen more of me recently, cooking the most wonderful dinner treats for PG and his gang… and eventually my P101 gang too! all the young ladies loved it.
starting with a delicious platter of 300 calories in every 5 bites!

my dietician calls it unhealthy sin but i call it samosa, like every other girl !
i am allowed some calories these days… its time to celebrate my entry into the third trimester. some more love flowed in last week… PG got these for me when i mentioned i can smell some muffins in the air! everything chocolate filled seems delicious these days! blame the hormonal changes 😛 i love them !

i had to balance the calories with more nutritious and good looking stuff! helped myself with a green snack in the evening.

 and a mug full of cocoa after dinner! this cocoa mug was a gift from me to PG when we were sorta dating each other! he never used it! he thinks the flowers make it look girly! wth!! nevermind, i have been using it ever since we married!

lot of love flowing in from all corners… have some great recipes and pics to share with u all… see u soonish 
aavjo 🙂
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GRAPOBERRY – that’s what i call my snacking plates these days. 
i was munching on a few while on my way to the weekly spiritual class at p101

with the winter winds slashing across the doors and slipping under the window slits its been tough going out and hanging around/socializing basically. i stay a lot indoors and read or watch tv…
and certain tv shows are so tempting…

 i need to get on to some baking tomorrow.. but while i watched this all i munched on was- 

  i am sure there is a lot of grape and strawberry mocktail blending inside me right now…
time to grab some calcium and read my favorite food blogs before saying good night!

 i still have a lot of time before the baby pops out yet i am already on the research mode of how to shed off all i gained !
till the next time we meet- have some cocoa and stay warm!
aavjo 🙂
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diwali potluck 101

Diwali has always been my favorite part of the year… its like christmas for us at home. the christmas we see in hollywood movies… certainly diwali that is shown in bollywood movies is a little more than realistic. there are no women clad in heavy clothing ready to dance in the background as the kuwari girl sings and dances to lure all the kuwara-s of the tinsel town- things like this doesnt happen in real. what happens in real is lots of lights, colors, new painted houses, well furnished homes, rangolis, new clothes, lots of delicious food and of course firecrackers!

i had quit bursting crackers since middle school. the whole pollution and hurting the birds and environ factor had seeped in too deep and now i believe in an eco-friendly diwali. this year was my first diwali in sasural… my in-laws made sure its a great one with lots of love and care. hubby darling made sure i dont miss my home, my friends and my family. such a swweettheart!

even at P101 we celebrated with one more potluck!
this time i made sure i make a dish that is favored n loved by all… i began searching the whole town for taco shells. being new to ahm it was difficult to search for it- for a moment i felt the whole ahmedabad was eating tacos last night, i didnt find shells at the best places in town but i managed to find a few at the dead of night ! 12 midnight… 10 hours before the potluck.

we made some color-flower rangoli too before the potluck n movie marathon began…


what more?
food food n lots of food
payal’s bhel… actually she is d one who has made us all girls go ga-ga over food parties! her food is addictive!


from right to left- shweta’s gatte ki sabzi and parantha, my taco beans with veggies and cheeze, and swati’s yummmmmyyy sandwich! cant believe that girl can cook so fab! loved it ! and oh yea… next to my red beans are the amazing pasta by Dhara! loved it to death! 


the muthiya and the idli, the dhokla and the mango milkshake!! what a spread! it was like a grand wedding menu 🙂


ending on a high sweet note. brownies and chocolate cake.


i had half servings of all 3 sweets keeping calories in mind. the mango milkshake prachi made and the brownies …. errr.. i forgot her name! it was spongy n yummy ! ekdum jhakaas. 


the rangoli stayed up the whole time… with our dumbells in the corner 🙂


we were all fed with lots of food and love n laughter… by the time movie began… we were moving towards a sweet sleep hour. we decided to postpont the movie plan and 4 hours later went home to sleep and dream of all the yummy time we had. 
i suggest every pregger lady to join p101 because of the all the happiness and good health we are surrounded by. 

more of diwali blog coming tomorrow. its time for a good night sleep and waking up to more beautiful colorful gujju new year. 

aavjo 🙂

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nibble nibble

So It was karva chauth on friday ehh??
no clue what it exactly is apart form all that DDLJ and hindi tv sitcoms have showed me all these years. I am a pure gujju and gujjus dont celebrate karva chauth … yet it is always nice to be pampered and loved with food and gifts by the ladies gang at P101 who do it.

though the bumpy bellies ain’t fasting this year, they sure wanted to celebrate it in their own cute way,
Payal got us these..


they still rest in my car dashboard and i haven’t yet got time to apply it… probably tonite 🙂
Prachi got us some dry fruits and churmu… a part of sargi… yea.. i remember Jaya Bachchan talking about it in K3G..and in that little right corner lies the rasgulla dabba that got wiped off before i could click the gigantic sweetness.


that didn’t get over there… we had Shaily gifting us a baby shower gift too..
i am having so much fun here..yay!!

she made these herself. what a pretty package. u can get your customized envelopes and gift packages too.. comment below on the post (it shall be passed on to her) to get such customized paper products done for ur special occasion. 

on coming back home, someone else was also nibbling a feast…

and guess what they got to nibble at??
one of my favorite shoes 🙁

‘every pup has his day’ 
i am glad they found them delicious 😛

the weekend was even more busier than the usual day… PG and i got invited by a restaurant to try their new menu. 
a restaurant review coming up …

aavjo 🙂

The Okra Show

Hahahaaa… the other day a friend at P101 told me how she began learning kitchen rules and cooking after her wedding date was fixed. she thought she knew it all until on the 3rd day after wedding she was asked to cook bhindi aka okra aka ladies finger. she chopped ’em into pieces and dumped them in a pressure cooker with water and spices! whooopss!! it surely is something you will laugh at a lot in future. but for now it was such a gigantic mistake!!
she isnt the only one who told me about such a blunder. a few other friends also tried cooking bhindi the similar way. freak! how can you even think of it??

well, i in that matter didnt make that mistake. (doesnt mean i never made a cooking blunder… remember this?? )
but for now, i make perfect gujju bhindi sabzi and i hereby declare the recipe open to use. just mention my name/blog url in case u are referring it to others. feels nice when ppl appreciate it u see.

i diced the bhindi and added a medium sized potato (i thought the quantity wasn’t just enough… cooking intuition )

add 5 tsps of vegetable oil in a kadhai or a deep cooking vessel and let it heat at a medium flame. once its evenly heated.. add 2 huge spoons of garlic paste *optional* (garlic petals smashed into paste with salt and red chili powder), saute it for a few seconds.
next- add the bhindi (and potato) into the vessel and mix well, put a lid over the container and let the lid be a little deep (i use a thali / dish as a lid) so that you can pour in half a glass of water over the lid. that means no water inside the vessel but over the lid. let it cook for a minute.

next- drag the lid carefully aside. the water filled lid still needs to used. add in the spices – chili powder, coriander-jeera powder, and salt. use it as per the taste you or your family likes. gujju food is normally very spicy. you may prefer to vary according to your taste buds. 
mix it well and notice it getting sticky. put on the lid again… if the water has evaporated, fill it again. 
let it cook for 7 mins. (varies according to quantity,… plz keep on checking it)
once cooked, garnish it with coriander (i dont do with mine… )
serve it with chappati or parantha. 

things to take care of :
1. do not dice the veggies very thin… these are not french fries.. if tastes better if kept bigger.
2. be careful with the chili powder in case you are adding garlic paste. you dont want the burning sensation later. 
3. heat it again in case it still feels sticky. 
4. do NOT add water in the vessel.
5. do NOT cook it at high flame. low to medium is just perfect.
6. let the bhindi cook a little in oil/garlic paste before adding the spices. let the oil seep in for a better taste.
7. do NOT overdo the quantity of oil… you dont want others to typecast gujju recipe as oily and unhealthy. its NOT^^ 

lemme know if you tried it… lemme know if you have a yummy okra recipe too. 
would love to read or share with my readers.

aavjo 🙂

band-aids to disaster cooking!

So last night i was so excited to cook a cheesecake. i found the recipe on a cooking blog !!! (hell, i am never gonna do this to my readers) 

i took pictures of all the ingredients and mixes and stages so i could paste it here and share with you but it was a massive disaster!!


the crust came out in crumbles and it didnt taste like a cheese cake at all. 🙁
i cried in frustration… well, i was sad the rest of the day!

and today morning the bright juicy breakfast sweet lime gave me a signal something good was to happen – 
tada! a teeny parcel arrived in the mail with a sample to try on.. i have always loved testing samples of products i plan to buy ahead in future! this helps me plan a budget and also whether to spend on the product or is it really worthless! this time its the Acuvue contact lens. 
something more wonderful happened in the later  part of the day.
Rita had planned some goodies for us. plus …

…and Parmita (oh what a swweeet girl ) got us this ! yay!
one more Dungeedums apple pie to hog on! what does one do when they see this shining yummy baked baby ?


dump the fork, screw the spoon, i have my fingers dug right into the huge chunk without weighing its calorie content! (calorie?? whats that?)
wowww! truely deliccious. this is my second try on dangeedums product. will have to visit this store soonish!
as of now, i m going to keep the rest of the day fruitilicious and simple.
the disaster that happened last night has been covered in such a pretty delicious way. 

do u have a better and simple (already experimented on) cheesecake recipe?