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year 2015- lets make changes

What happens when a new mom makes resolutions on Jan 1, 2014 and never stick to them ?
She grins while patting her kid to sleep and blames the motherhood and new challenges it throws on her for not being able to keep up with those promises she made for herself.

i made many of them and washed them down the drain with those shiny bottle wash bubbles that smells oh so awesome!
yes, motherhood captivated me and it took me a year to realize that i was losing myself in trying to build a mother in me that was supposed to flow out all natural,


i became a carbivore and heaped my meal plates with carbs and calories i never needed and gave excuses about the b.feed that needed more nutrition for the kid… i seldom did any exercise because i used to be tired from all those sleepless nights during the day… i needed a calorie filled pancake or sundae every sunday because i could not leave my pregnancy cravings behind me… and even on days when i had had a lot many nappy changes and potty cleaning that became stressful. all these things i call mistakes are hard to accept because whenever i came face to face with them in the mirror i could see myself losing. it took me time to get my head on my shoulder and get serious about looking after my health too,
this consciousness hit me when i heard about my husband’s friend who passed away when her second child was just 4 months old, she was not at all health conscious and all the fat accumulated in her body resulted in a cardiac arrest. it happened so suddenly and left everyone in shock. my husband told me how all those calories she had piled up and didnt bother to lose after the delivery costed her and her family so much. this was an awakening incident. all i could think at that time was what would happen to her children and of the 4 month old ???

i have had all my excuses to gain weight when my 2014 resolution was to lose it, i have made excuses and stayed inside those flowy black outfits to hide my curves and bulges, my belly and arms that made me look like an auntie. i connected with my kid only as a mother and thought thats what i should be concentrating on. thank god that year is over and gone and nothing bad has ever happened to anyone of us.

this year i plan to exercise more, stick to a 2 hour a day gym routine, home school my kid and show him i am more than just a mom who can clean and feed him, i will spend heavily on lots of new outfits and none should be black, i plan to cut down on carbs and do some healthy eating… pizzas can wait, the world will never run out of them ever!



This year i will try and avoid what my weight is on the weighing scale and rather focus on the weight i have on this earth, the weight of the impact i have on my kid’s life and others important to me. i may never fit into those college jeans ever. i will never have those super firm breasts i once had, i may not be able to slid into a swimming suit that can carefully hide my stretch marks and not let a soul know about it, but the weight that my personality carries in my son’s life will be reflected in his entire life and i do not wish to mess up with that. i have often observed how good an observer my son is. he knows his manners when none of them are taught to him, he just simply observes us and copies it and makes it his habit. i am now more careful about my actions on a day to day basis, i am now more choosy about my words and what i talk to him. i want him to teach things no school will ever teach him- that no resolution is worth making if it doesnt make your soul merrier and healthier.
i want him to learn that he will be responsible for all his actions- kind or tempered and if mumma does it, she will get the same as a return gift from God.

everyone gets the same of what they give to this world.

happy and relaxed

happy and relaxed

and most importantly i am gonna quit comparing my son with other kids his age from this very momemt itself. I do not want anyone to teach me how to be a better mom, my child will lead to be one. I have to trust my maternal instincts.

this year i am gonna make the best OF THE WOMAN I AM.


Kunj <3

HOW TO : clean your kid’s crocs

Crocs are my son’s favorite footwear and why not, they are just so super comfortable. and more than just comfort they are so light and fuss free to wear and run about in. and they attract a lot of playfulness, along with dirt and mud.
i have a Garfield shoes in the same material- light and white and pretty and bright.

ummm.. bright and white but not all the time-



all i need were these, i selected a PH balanced wash liquid by Oriflame (not at all sweety, this product is definitely not meant for a croc wash) and a used unwanted toothbrush (i wont declare who used it before else I shall be in big trouble eeks!) ; ofcourse you can use any good liquid as far as you are confident they wont have a harsh effect on your little one’s feet.

tools to wash

tools to wash

these are his favorite dirt sucking monsters :

the dirty monsters

the dirty monsters

which after the wash became these pretty feet props to chase a few puppies in the parking:

where's my water??

where’s my water??

i shall be doing a lot many “HOW TO : ” TUTORIALS in the future too and i thought this maybe the best one to start with. my super active baby son has them on all the time and i need to clean them atleast once a week… i wanted to share a pic by pic ‘how to:’ since i feel a lot many other moms may find this helpful.

STEP 1 :

a few drops of the cleansing liquid into the shoes and brush them well with the bristles like you clean the sipper spouts… run through each corners n every speck of dirt (we are such crazy obsessive mothers, o Lord!)

dig the front bristles till the front ends

dig the front bristles till the front ends

STEP 2 :

once you are done running the front and back of the brush in and out you may want to rub the bottoms and even the sides…

clean the bottom... the back

clean the bottom… the back

... and the sides too

… and the sides too

STEP 3 :

turn them over and let them dry… simple ! i dry them over a small towel over the bed rest so that nothing is spoiled beneath and my munchkin cannot reach all the way there to pick the wet ones only to dirty them more before they dry out.

quick dry method

quick dry method

since crocs and shoes of similar material dry out quickly it only takes a while to pick them up again and slid them onto the ‘ready-to-run’ feet. you might want to consider keeping them under the sun for a more woolly or cloth material.

white n bright

white n bright

my son has 6 pairs of footwear but these 2 are his favorite of them all. and why not, mum washes them every week. they are far more better to wear na??

my champ

my champ

share your how-to topics with me on info@awomansays.com or share it here


kick out the mosquito

mothers have always been horrified terrified paranoid sleepless and what not when it comes to their kid’s health. I am no magician but I certainly wouldn’t mind for some magic to happen to keep D happy. oh shut up, every mom wants that too.

the weekend after Diwali we were traveling to this between-the-jungle resort in Udaipur. its an amazzzzzinnngg and beautiful place. and what comes complimentary in such resorts? worms, mosquitoes , bats , peacocks, birds, swans, bears, and much more. we stayed at top of the hill so bears dont bother this freaky mother… worms birds and peacocks are real fun to stare at… a bat did hit my brother in law on the head and we were all taken aback. I have no clue but D found this funny so we let the bat fly away alive. and the mosquitoes were thousands in number. As if there was some machine behind our cottage to multiply it. and no machine in the room with those liquid refills were of any help. at this very frightened moment i pulled out the sheet of mosquito repellant stickers. i have tried them all- yellow; red; white; animal prints too.



these are fab stuff… some work for 12 hours, some for 24 and some for 72hours.
however, what happens when my tired kid sleeps like this…???


he was so tired by the end of the long drive that my baby slept off before i could make him wear a tshirt and stick those orange peel scented stickers. i was worried but nevertheless had him wrapped up in a shawl and assuming the mosquitoes would pass by without noticing him. ya, like they were on their way to a blockbuster film and forget there is a feast waiting for them.. this is what moms think!! and this is exactly what happened…

mosquito bite

these are just three of the seven i saw the next morning. like my son was a fresh plate of crackling green salad. he kept on complaining of itching and this worried mother dialed a number… “Shreya, when will the blanket reach me?? I am traveling again next week and i so badly need it!! ”

by noon i saw this swollen ear and i could wait no longer-

mosquito bite-kid

by the time i saw some stars and moon crawling into the sky and my son using up all his last energy for the day jumping around and running about; this arrived. thank you Shreya! i smiled.

mosquito repellant blanket

Shreya, who makes mos-quit-o , http://www.mos-quit-o.com/
a mosquito repellant blanket for everyone as freaked out as me. she makes them in two sizes for kids and adults and in two colors spearmint (blue/green) and bubblegum (pink/beige). and 6 block colors- honey, orange, blue, grey, green and red. aren’t the color names too cute??
these super soft cotton blankets for all year use are beautiful. when i first received it i opened up and kept on searching what makes it special?? it looks like just another blankie…
the cotton yarn is processed with a mosquito repellant which seeps into the
cotton fibers and binds itself to the cloth making it look so natural and yet works like no other blanket you would have used till now,

other things i really liked about this product was the non-smelly, no-fuss-orange-oil fragrance in the blanket like those on the stickers… they cover his full body at night, this is the perfect size for him right now and my son is 19months old.
{p.s certainly best thing to invest in at an early new born stage.}
this is the night view of the munchkin:


also the blanket is so compact that i can carry it with me anywhere i want, even in my motherbag with his other essentials.
this is the day view:
{yes, we practically use it everytime he sleeps now}

mos-quit-o repellant blanket

the blanket comes in this nice round box that you can hold in your hand and toss it in the car or luggage or pass it on to anyone who needs it.
also what i loved the best about the blanket was that its washable… home wash too. awesome right??? yay! and in case you are washing it once a month with your other comforters you can use this wonderful fellow for 4 years or upto 50 washes! high-five me!!!!!
this is one product that stays with me all the time now and rests with my flowery dohars

mos-quit-o blanket

so … now that the blanket stays on the bed all the time, what happens of the ultra good looking box i just told you about???




mos-quit-o blanket

we trapped spider man in it!
once he finds his way out we shall fill it with broken half used crayons so they dont run on the walls when mumma is not around. 😉

thank you Shreya and team Mos-quit-O for sending this beautiful and amazing product to D and me, this has been the best thing this fall. and it arrived just when we needed and looked around for help. lots of wishes to your team. may you attract more success by keeping the mosquitoes away.

in case you plan to buy one for yourself or your kid you can visit their website
their introductory rates are rs.999 and rs.1999 as of today.

this is us wishing you all a happy new year <3 awomansays


Keeping the cold at bay !

I had always been advised by friends and family that if my son loves fruits and veggies there are few chances of him having cold and fever struck days… very true. but virus is a deadly non budging and fearless bug that can fly in from anywhere and enter the soft gooey body of these tiny tots. the super active spiderman becomes mr.bean all of a sudden, not that i love him calm and composed sleeping on time with a teddy in hand but i certainly dont like him sneezing and moodless. Cold oftens lasts for about 3 to 4 days and with some kids even more because they dont know how to throw out the mucous from the nose or throat… i often catch my son gulping down what pushes itself out from the lungs to the throat and on the tongue and phussssss goes down again. I encourage D to puke it on my hand and pat a little hard on his back to throw it out but he stares at me like i talk greek! he gulps the mucous and throws the bread/milk/veggies/legumes etc. what a son i have!!!

so then my MIL suggests this awesome healing from the kitchen that she always used to do with her kids… i.e my husband. I prefer not to give my son any meds until its incurable from herbs and home remedies. sharing with you all this perfect mixture that will pull the mucous out and throw it away in the dirty diaper and potty chairs.

ingredients: cardomom (full/unpeeled) – 2
milk -luke warm – about 6 spoons
safety pin – 1
ghee no diwo – 1 vatt (i have no intention of searching what it means in english. please check the picture and look it for yourself… i need to finish this post before he wakes up from his cat nap… thanks!)



light the diwo/vatt and pinch the cardomom along with the skin in the safety pin… hold it safely far enough not to get a burn yourself and burn it in the flame.


now once the full cardamom is burned let it cool down to normal room temperature.


crush this with a pestle or back of a spoon into tiny particles… and add it to lucke warm milk.


strain the milk into another cup and while its still warm feed it with a spoon to the kid.


trust me, it works wonders… must have passed it on to a dozen more mothers and it works on every one of them for keeping the cold at bay. and since it has been helping them all i thought i may post it here and help you moms too… i know its difficult to reach to everyone but we can always talk! email me on info@awomansays.com and lets share our stories…

will post your story in this space if you have one to share with others like I just did.

lots of love to you and your little ones,
Kunj 🙂