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diaper dirty n fresh!

i talk so much with my girlies everyday, right from when to swaddle the kid and how to burp while asleep without waking the kiddo up and even which diapers are good for all night long freshness..
lemme tell you, diapers only smell good when in the packet… once on the kid they get soaked and dirty and smelly and you are always in a hurry to discard them asap after you check in the kid a few hours later…
finding a diaper for my new born (when he was just 15days old ) was a difficult task…
the new born pampers that is for 3-8 kg fit hit like this-

too large !!!

then my brother got me pigeon new born diapers for 3-5 kgs.

this fits him so perfect!!
i recommend pigeon for new borns and pampers for infants!
there is a brand of huggies organic also available in middle east countries… in case you have any friends or relatives visiting (even when u are pregnant) ask them to get you a few! i havent tried any but a friend says they are very good since the cotton layers are organic!

and an imp thing to remember is to change your kiddo’s diapers every 4-5 hours… even if he asleep most of these hours.
keep him powdered before and after you tie the diaper.
you can get some amazing diaper deals here-
pigeon and pampers ; they often have lots of discounts and offers and give free home delivery.

lemme know if there is any other brand you have tried and like.
kunj 🙂

shopping marathon begins

I still have time before i hatch… but who knows when it shall happen, where and how!!!!
so i began shopping for my little one;
it was one fine spring morning …


 and i was munching on my favorite platter of fruit… the papaya… good for eyes, good for skin, good for my system, good for the baby etc etc.

 when this arrived!!

hoopos had sent me a voucher last week and asked me to try their products… i knew i wanted something cheerful and bright… the baby stores i had visited in ahmedabad had only pink n blue stuff for kids!!! which i want to stay clear from, why categorize kids into pink and blue right when they are born??

to all those mamma to be… chicco has this amazing stretch mark cream that should be applied pre and post natal! its a must for every mother. i ordered this 200ml bottle (mine was about to finish… i received it right on time)

and these cute little rompers… cant wait to try them on my cutie pie… reds, greens and stripes are something that can look cute on any kid… and no gender bias-ness with these colors 🙂

it was easier to shop on hoopos plus they gave me COD option (something i opt for when i am purchasing from that website for the first time… i have had some bad experiences shopping with an e-fashion website earlier.)
and what i liked the most about the website was fast delivery… it reached my place quicker than i had expected.
cheers to the website… hoping for more such wonderful shopping experiences with you in future.
aavjo 🙂
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braiding days

If u have been reading my blogs lately u probably know i am expecting and ready to hatch any day now… currently in my week 38 i have always been careful about all products i have used ever since i came to know i have a little life inside me…

there were times when people suggested a lot of things to me… ‘dont wash your hair with shampoos- they have chemicals that may harm your baby’ ; ‘ dont drink soda- the carbonated water may be harmful for the little one’ ; ‘ dont drive- you may suddenly get low on sugar and feel dizzy’ etc etc!

yea, somewhere they are all myths and somewhere they all have a truth in them. there are a lot of things that can be harmful to the baby. and i made sure i took utmost care on how to handle them.
shampoo is priority one on my list… living in a hot city like ahmedabad i cant even think of not washing my hair for a whole week!! forget not washing it for 9 months… since my brother deals with chicco products in his business line he suggested i use those baby products. they are extremely safe with parabens free… if they suggest it for new borns, i can definitely try them. i used to use that until dove sponsored me to try their new range…

Braiding Days

check this link
  dove to manage split ends

and why not!!
baby shampoos are chemical free and really safe but they dont treat split ends!!

 as a school going kid i remember having thick dark beautiful curly locks of hair… i grew up, fantasized with all disney characters and film stars and got caught in endless hair straightening sessions… which only ruined my hair.
as a child i remember never having any split end problems, why would i even have any? i regularly oiled and shampoo-ed my hair… then the whole keeping the hair oil free in college days made the after college hair days miserable!

the hair wash seemed such a refreshing change!!!
the fragrance of dove lingering in my hair… mmmmm its incomparable!! 
the wonderful fresh n light feeling it gave to my hair is recommendable too. my hair felt lighter and felt like it has more air to breathe now!
i m just 4 washes old with this product and i can already see the difference!
this post is surely sponsored but i cannot lie to my readers! i will recommend this product to whoever have split end problems…
specially someone who do not want frequent visits to the salon to go cut-cut-cut on the length of her hair to keep the split ends away! 
i hate short hair and this product can be really useful. i can now braid my hair and i am sure 2 weeks later when I LET THE ENDS OF MY BRAID on my new born’s cheeks to play with him/her the baby is not going to cry; but enjoy the nice smooth feeling. 🙂
cant wait to see my little now in my arms now… counting the days 🙂
the you tube video to the product:

try it and see the difference!
p.s have u participated in my march giveaway yet?

 aavjo 🙂
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march giveaway! – pro vitamin

Hellos everyone,
march has always been a happy happy month for me, and this time around i want to share the happiness with u all…
a friend of mine- a hairstylist in Mumbai nagri, has sent me a bottle of pro-vitamin anti frizz capsules to try on my frizzy hair.

she asked  me to try them and even share another sampler with one of my blog readers…
she uses this product in plenty at her salon. and wanted a decent real review of what other says when its for free 🙂

these little squeeze and use champagne colored capsules are wow! they give my hair some shine and lasts for 4-5 hours.
since my hair were chemically treated (rebonding is something i will regret all my life) i was looking for something that’s natural and also safe for my life-less hair.
the odor is alright.. no fruity or flowery fragrance… but a typical serum like fragrance.
what i liked the most is the fact that a single capsules is enough for my mid-length hair. i need not use more capsules for a shiny anti-frizz feel.

enter to win a sampler (15 capsule pack) ; use it and review it for my friend. enter the giveaway now!

contest open for all.
however non-indian residents will have to bear the shipping cost.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


aavjo 🙂
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neelkanth patang- a review

 before i left Ahm to be with my parents on my longest vacation after wedding i wanted a quiet romantic dinner date with PG… he knew exactly where it would be quiet with food and a beautiful view. 
we chose to go to Neelkanth group’s Patang hotel. this was my first visit to this place and he knew i would love the place. they say its as high as seventeenth floor or maybe it was seventh… and the revolving restaurant gives a super giddy feeling in the beginning (since it was my first time here i wasn’t ready to ride around during my meal) but its lovely ambiance soon catches you with grace.

the look over the sabarmati riverfront is the best one… maybe someday i will visit this place again and see the riverfront as a more happening place than the silent one as of now. 
these are our entry platters… looked and tasted yummy!

a fairly large menu for the day… i could possibly not eat all this even if i just tasted them … like 2 spoons each!!! i wonder who has such a huge appetite! but its always good to see so many options out here…

the spread looked just so wonderful all around…

my main course meal… tiny servings aint it?? 

  i had little scoops of 3 salads, rice n thai curry, noodles and a baked dish… because i had my eyes on filling up my platter for something more delicious…

dont they look freaking beautiful?? PG has a sweet tooth too (glad i have him as my husband) so we dugged right into my ice cream bowl after he finished with his main course… its called cotton candy.. i poured over some chocolate sauce for more color.

here’s how my dessert plate looked like.. *devil’s smile*

  of course PG helped me finish all that… digging into all things sweet?? it called for the occasion, we were celebrating … a so-called v-day that we didnt get to spend together eventually due to some ironic reasons.
and this is me… blown up in a balloon.
i m sure my tiny tot has started loving food too…  
 i would definitely visit this place again. for the food. for the ambiance. for the quick service. for the lovely view. for the memorable time i can spend with PG.
i suggest you guys to a tour too! 
tour is free! meal will cost you anything between 299(for kids)-599rs a per person.
aavjo 🙂

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today’s menu 12.12.12

 so its a spl date today huh?? how abt cooking something spl too ??

today was more of a red day through out!

so the day was on a great anti-oxidant mood! time to punch in some oil and veggies and SEAWEED !
rita got me this sushi leaves and i wanted to try it ever since it landed in my kitchen closet. 

so… sushi ehh?? i dont even know how to make one… and my husband doesnt even know wat cuisine it is… korean or japanese or both?? 😛
well, watching pretty women eat it on ‘sex and the city’ was no help. i knew i had to find a recipe soon. Rita helped me… suggested avocado and veggies .

its super thin.. paper like… doesnt smell so good as well… i only hoped it would taste better! i arranged some rice and veggies (avocado, carrots and bell peppers) layered over the sushi leaf !)

 at the end… i guess it didnt turn out that bad. i sauted the veggies… and now i think avocado should not be dealt with like that.. there has to be a ‘real’ way to cook it. 
anyways, so i rolled the leaf over and cut it in wedges.

 so it didnt turn out to be very delicious… i will have to ramp over youtube tomorrow for a better veggie recipe. maybe some paneer would be good to stuff in.
i tell you.. no matter wat you fill in it never satisfies a gujju’s hunger the way spicy gujju food does,
i even proved it tonite… sushi v/s ringda no audo n rotla…
no guesses on who won.

will try making sushi once more with some alternate stuffing.
 till then,
cheers! try experimenting and make 121212 memorable !
aavjo 🙂
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ITC once again

 I have no idea why i never came across this bottle before?? well, i simply asked kitchens of india to sent me this because i like the idea of strawberry and mint together! had no clue it would taste just so fantastic!!

i tried it with thepla this morning… well, what else do u expect for breakfast in a la-la gujju house!!?

it not only tastes awesome but i found it much more better than the other brand of jams and conserves i have had till now! this wasn’t extremely sweet like the normal jams and i even found mint leaves and strawberry chunks in it! that makes my face glow 🙂 its like finding a toy in a cornflakes box 😛 (silly, yet me!)

while the morning started off with jam and thepla… it got worked up again the evening with some bread slices a.k.a the angrezi style!

 it was delicious this way too… and i really dont like to put on dollops of it on my breads n theplas… i like it just a little for the taste. 
what i liked about the conserve was the strawberry wasnt extremely sweet! and the hint of mint gave it a lip smacking taste!
i have a long way to go with this pink bottle 🙂
i am glad kitchens on india sent it to me. 

time to try one more package from the box tomorrow!
aavjo 🙂
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taste testing

 i was away for almost 10 days! blame it on baby’s high metabolism rate and my low hb !
but i had a lovely time relaxing and staying home. while i was home n sick… enrich sent me a voucher to go to the salon and relax myself! and ITC sent me some food products to taste test 🙂 yoohoo!

 there is a bottle of conserve/jam ; a bottle of chutney ; a pack of halwa ; a pack of mirchi sabzi and a recipe cd (volume 1). how cool is this.
this parcel arrived on my anniversary morning when i was planning to cook a sweet dish… and here it was! in a heat and serve package right on my doorstep.

 the moong dal halwa was just perfect for the lunch at home. what you see on this small platter is all the quantity that comes in the package. but it certainly fills in 3 tummies for sure. its loaded with a wonderful aroma , color and taste.

a tip from my end: before heating it in a kadai or pan- heat up two spoons of ghee and add the halwa in the ghee for a fresh(just cooked) taste. heat it for 2 minutes and its ready to serve.
it has a few shredded almonds in it but you can always add in more if serving to a guest or want some yourself!

what i really liked about this ITC product is that it has the same color the package shows and tastes just as good. my earlier taste testing with another company was horrible and i fell sick having it. 
i was happy with the product…
and i have 3 more to try! the jam needs to wait till breakfast time tomorrow.
you can shop more of these kitchens of india products here.
 thank u ITC for sending me the products 🙂
will blog on the other products later… need to hog on the halwa before it gets cold.
 aavjo 🙂
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Bonvivant- a review

One of the best things about being a food blogger is being invited to a restaurant to try their new menu. i was more than delighted to give it a try. 
we went to this place called Bonvivant at law garden… right in the middle of a busy bustling place. its often closed down for vehicles in the evenings and mornings. one has to walk around and shop from the streets, catch a play at the auditorium or go hog at multiple options!




i found the place neat and hygienic. i loved the lights and the seating didnt hurt (it didnt have cushioning.. but was still comfy). 
i liked the fact that loners or non-talkers can always watch some tv while waiting for the order. 
overall… i liked the interiors and cleanliness.
i began my order with some corn tomato soup (sans cheese) and harra bhara kebabs.


i have never tasted such a tomato soup. it had more of sugar than the actual tomato!!! and soups aren’t meant to be sweet as mithai 🙁
and the corn was hard and chewy!!! it was truely disappointing, left it mid way to try the kebab.


sorry the the intruding hand… PG has this rare habit of spoiling all my pics and i really don’t mind it ! and he also loves to eat with his hand… he says that’s how a gujju eats! true 🙂
the kebabs were not so bad.. the chutney was good.. however 2 hours later i had swings of kebab burps… and that disturbed me. i wasn’t sure whether it was the kebab or the soup working uphill!

though i was not much happy with my dinner i dogged into a subway sofa and ordered something originally sweet…

even when i didn’t enjoy the food, law garden has some exciting stuff to see, specially if you are with your family!


my verdict- i started with the soup n starter.. did not go to main course menu, jumped to the dessert at another place… so yes- its a one time go and if you are a person who likes every cuisine made the gujju-way u shall def. like the place n food as well. i would pass it off.

aavjo 🙂
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Craving Mexican- a review

Had been craving for some red beans n salsa sauce since Saturday…
but PG n I vowed we would only eat out once a week and mostly that is Sunday evening. 
so i asked for restaurant suggestions on Facebook on Saturday evening and reached ‘Just Mexican’ on Sunday evening.


 we found the seating soon and definitely there was a queue for ordering and a long wait before the order arrived.

waiting wasn’t boring as we had pretty people around, tv tuned to VH1, nice music and lots of talks to share. plus an interesting menu to look at. 

lots to order from- tacos, nachos, rice plates, burritos, quesadilla, wraps and extras.

the self service counter is a good way to save some waiter clutter on the already small aisle of the restaurant. i appreciated it. 
10 minutes later the food arrived. 🙂

the quality did match my high expectations, but the quantity did not. i ordered bean tacos and did not expect only one taco shell 🙁 
PG ordered chili n cheese quesadilla which looked thin like a fashion week ramp model . no doubt they both tasted excellent but we didn’t expect such a small quantity… we never hog during dinner but this still wasn’t sufficient. 
they had lots of varieties for soft drinks too (including the new starbucks coffee bottles- a new trend among ahmedabad restaurants).
totally loved the food!! i was craving for Mexican and my taste buds gave it full marks 🙂 yay!

things that disappointed me – 
i was not happy with the quantity they served. specially not when u are left hungry and u gotta wait 10 more minutes for another tacos to arrive.
they did not have  a soft drinks menu/rate on the card. 
carlos did not serve me 🙁 the food was mexican but no mexican flavor in the atmosphere once you enter the restaurant. 
no sweet side kicks! i am sure mexican cuisine too has some ice cream o sweet flavors to it. and i am still unaware of the what they eat! they cant live on only cheese and chili fo-sure!!

i would definitely go back once more for the lovely taste it serves… maybe not on sunday evenings and rush hours. 

are sunday dinners complete without a sweetdish?? def. not !!! 
we drove across the road to meet mr muffin at ccd.

i have always loved their hot split muffin with chocolate sauce and the fragrance it oozes in my nostrils… incomparable !

the puppies were asleep when i reached home, but it was sweet to see these twins curl up in a heart shape… 
a review
a late night snack before the beautiful sunday bids a good night and a tyrant monday begins… btw, sweet melons are very juicy and healthy for body! lots of vitamins and fibre. 

and the monday morning has been crazyyyy…
wish mondays would just skip and never trouble me again . 

any mexican recipe u can share with me?? have been in love with it lately…

aavjo 🙂