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GRAPOBERRY – that’s what i call my snacking plates these days. 
i was munching on a few while on my way to the weekly spiritual class at p101

with the winter winds slashing across the doors and slipping under the window slits its been tough going out and hanging around/socializing basically. i stay a lot indoors and read or watch tv…
and certain tv shows are so tempting…

 i need to get on to some baking tomorrow.. but while i watched this all i munched on was- 

  i am sure there is a lot of grape and strawberry mocktail blending inside me right now…
time to grab some calcium and read my favorite food blogs before saying good night!

 i still have a lot of time before the baby pops out yet i am already on the research mode of how to shed off all i gained !
till the next time we meet- have some cocoa and stay warm!
aavjo 🙂
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on a sweet note


Two hours before the countdown and everyone jumps with joy hugging n kissing n shaking hands… whatever pleases the other person wishing them a happy new year.

While everyone is partying this year i am at home… watching back to back big bang theory on star world and twilight saga on star movies…. last year was  a disaster since i had no friends around… it continues even today; until we bump into someone nice n friendly for the dinner i am about to go to right now…
so a quickie post on how i spend my last day of twenty twelve on a sweet note.

i wiped it clean like its the last ever chocolate plate on earth !!!
talk about pregnancy cravings and i am so deep into that hot pot!
no one makes pancakes as wonderful as chocolate room.
i have never been a chocolate person like my off spring is – just like its dad!
so i dug my teeth into this whole plate … all by myself !!!

 yea.. so proud of my accomplishment of finishing this whole plate of chocolate and calories all by myself. 
time to add something sane and more beneficial for my bod…

all set to leave for the night out! 
see you all next year.. in a happy cheerful note.
signing off for twenty twelve
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sweetness on last day!

 So as per a myth and a movie and a few newspaper tabloids- the world was to end on this day… as i write this blog on the 23rd hour, there is one more hour before the clock strikes midnight! 
not that we beleived it would end but fb updates about the world ending today are pretty funny, the way friends mock about death ending today gives me a relief about how the whole situation was taken too seriously back in 2006!

so anyways, i still wanted to make this day special… making sure i have a story to tell my kids on what i did when the myths talked about the world ending, ‘kids, i and your dad had some cupcakes and watched salman khan on screen!’ 

won’t it be a cute thing to say??

i meandered around vastrapur area (ahmedabad) and found THE cupcake shop i once had a taste at!

the one on left is not distorted! it was too irresistible and the whole of it could not make it to the photo session. its called the AMERICAN DARK CHOCOLATE flavor.
and i swear to all the desserts in the world i’ve eaten… nothing beats this one!!
the softness, the flavor, the creaminess… there is no match!

earlier a few weeks ago, i had got this one on my platter-

 every little bite of it got polished off while watching a film with PG !
red velvet and kiwi flavors!
though they weren’t as good as american dark chocolate!
i had read a lot of western food bloggers talk about red velvet and i wanted to try it… though i didn’t find anything spl. i would certainly want to visit the shoppe again and learn wat exactly they mean by red velvet…

30mins to go… if the world is still spinning and i am still cooking tomorrow… we shall meet again.
aavjo 🙂
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mirchi afternoon

with the wedding season all over the country, we have been invited to a few. initially its fun, its all dressing up and meeting people- socializing and catching up on each other’s lives. after 2 events i was all drained… the baby bump is difficult to carry around everywhere and the caterer’s food is something i really wanted to avoid after 2 such meals!!
PG and I stayed home in pyjamas on one such day when the others went out looking their best !!
since it was just us two eating last afternoon I pulled out the package from the my anniversary parcel
and cooked this-

what i really liked about the sabzi packs is that they come in really good packages, no chance of food spoil, even the halwa was in such a thick silver pack.

 i will be very frank here… i initially didn’t like the taste.. since our taste buds are so much used to gujju spices and texture… i added in two spoon-ful of fresh cream, a little salt and a little red chilli powder and heated the pack.

and it tasted just perfectttt…. i made some rotis to along with it!
cheers to my culinary skills and a huge thank u to ITC for sending over the meal 🙂 you can go and purchase some here
we later indulged into something sweet… oh dear, i dont event remember the name but its was fruit custurd pastry or something like that. 
it tasted horrible! we both shared this piece and left it midway paying hefty for something that we could not even gulp down! call it falling for fancy names on the menu ! jeepers !!

have u even fallen for such fancy names and then regretted 😛
lets share a laugh.
aavjo 🙂

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ITC once again

 I have no idea why i never came across this bottle before?? well, i simply asked kitchens of india to sent me this because i like the idea of strawberry and mint together! had no clue it would taste just so fantastic!!

i tried it with thepla this morning… well, what else do u expect for breakfast in a la-la gujju house!!?

it not only tastes awesome but i found it much more better than the other brand of jams and conserves i have had till now! this wasn’t extremely sweet like the normal jams and i even found mint leaves and strawberry chunks in it! that makes my face glow 🙂 its like finding a toy in a cornflakes box 😛 (silly, yet me!)

while the morning started off with jam and thepla… it got worked up again the evening with some bread slices a.k.a the angrezi style!

 it was delicious this way too… and i really dont like to put on dollops of it on my breads n theplas… i like it just a little for the taste. 
what i liked about the conserve was the strawberry wasnt extremely sweet! and the hint of mint gave it a lip smacking taste!
i have a long way to go with this pink bottle 🙂
i am glad kitchens on india sent it to me. 

time to try one more package from the box tomorrow!
aavjo 🙂
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taste testing

 i was away for almost 10 days! blame it on baby’s high metabolism rate and my low hb !
but i had a lovely time relaxing and staying home. while i was home n sick… enrich sent me a voucher to go to the salon and relax myself! and ITC sent me some food products to taste test 🙂 yoohoo!

 there is a bottle of conserve/jam ; a bottle of chutney ; a pack of halwa ; a pack of mirchi sabzi and a recipe cd (volume 1). how cool is this.
this parcel arrived on my anniversary morning when i was planning to cook a sweet dish… and here it was! in a heat and serve package right on my doorstep.

 the moong dal halwa was just perfect for the lunch at home. what you see on this small platter is all the quantity that comes in the package. but it certainly fills in 3 tummies for sure. its loaded with a wonderful aroma , color and taste.

a tip from my end: before heating it in a kadai or pan- heat up two spoons of ghee and add the halwa in the ghee for a fresh(just cooked) taste. heat it for 2 minutes and its ready to serve.
it has a few shredded almonds in it but you can always add in more if serving to a guest or want some yourself!

what i really liked about this ITC product is that it has the same color the package shows and tastes just as good. my earlier taste testing with another company was horrible and i fell sick having it. 
i was happy with the product…
and i have 3 more to try! the jam needs to wait till breakfast time tomorrow.
you can shop more of these kitchens of india products here.
 thank u ITC for sending me the products 🙂
will blog on the other products later… need to hog on the halwa before it gets cold.
 aavjo 🙂
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diwali potluck 504

Diwali had one more potluck to see, last night !

yesterday morning was dull. had nothing much to do on a sunday post diwali… woke up late to be greeted with a dry (sans butter/jam/sugar) breakfast.


the day began with a potluck planned for the evening, and i was thrilled as it was at my bestie samina’s place- block 504. the bengali miya-biwi lives alone in a gujju land so i carried some typical new year snacks for them and tried a little hand on baking


tried baking brownies in microwave! 10 minutes and hot fresh raisin brownie was ready to hog into!


it definitely turned out good because we had it before dinner! moist, aromatic, delicious… loved it! 

the food is not something i would want to paste pics of here… the kitchen was messy and so were our plates n bowls. but it was a lovely day spent together… late night we craved for some more dessert.
no place in town was open to serve us ice cream… we landed up in tgb’s 24hour coffee shop.


the fruit pastry i ordered. could have been more soft and moist and less creamy and more fruity…


the choices i had… oh! let it be.. i prefer local bakeries more. somehow these only looked good. samina’s chocolate dessert was not so good!

the lights on my way back:

and the ones i lighted at home:

happy diwali guys 🙂 and wish u all a prosperous new year…
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aavjo 🙂

diwali potluck 101

Diwali has always been my favorite part of the year… its like christmas for us at home. the christmas we see in hollywood movies… certainly diwali that is shown in bollywood movies is a little more than realistic. there are no women clad in heavy clothing ready to dance in the background as the kuwari girl sings and dances to lure all the kuwara-s of the tinsel town- things like this doesnt happen in real. what happens in real is lots of lights, colors, new painted houses, well furnished homes, rangolis, new clothes, lots of delicious food and of course firecrackers!

i had quit bursting crackers since middle school. the whole pollution and hurting the birds and environ factor had seeped in too deep and now i believe in an eco-friendly diwali. this year was my first diwali in sasural… my in-laws made sure its a great one with lots of love and care. hubby darling made sure i dont miss my home, my friends and my family. such a swweettheart!

even at P101 we celebrated with one more potluck!
this time i made sure i make a dish that is favored n loved by all… i began searching the whole town for taco shells. being new to ahm it was difficult to search for it- for a moment i felt the whole ahmedabad was eating tacos last night, i didnt find shells at the best places in town but i managed to find a few at the dead of night ! 12 midnight… 10 hours before the potluck.

we made some color-flower rangoli too before the potluck n movie marathon began…


what more?
food food n lots of food
payal’s bhel… actually she is d one who has made us all girls go ga-ga over food parties! her food is addictive!


from right to left- shweta’s gatte ki sabzi and parantha, my taco beans with veggies and cheeze, and swati’s yummmmmyyy sandwich! cant believe that girl can cook so fab! loved it ! and oh yea… next to my red beans are the amazing pasta by Dhara! loved it to death! 


the muthiya and the idli, the dhokla and the mango milkshake!! what a spread! it was like a grand wedding menu 🙂


ending on a high sweet note. brownies and chocolate cake.


i had half servings of all 3 sweets keeping calories in mind. the mango milkshake prachi made and the brownies …. errr.. i forgot her name! it was spongy n yummy ! ekdum jhakaas. 


the rangoli stayed up the whole time… with our dumbells in the corner 🙂


we were all fed with lots of food and love n laughter… by the time movie began… we were moving towards a sweet sleep hour. we decided to postpont the movie plan and 4 hours later went home to sleep and dream of all the yummy time we had. 
i suggest every pregger lady to join p101 because of the all the happiness and good health we are surrounded by. 

more of diwali blog coming tomorrow. its time for a good night sleep and waking up to more beautiful colorful gujju new year. 

aavjo 🙂

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band-aids to disaster cooking!

So last night i was so excited to cook a cheesecake. i found the recipe on a cooking blog !!! (hell, i am never gonna do this to my readers) 

i took pictures of all the ingredients and mixes and stages so i could paste it here and share with you but it was a massive disaster!!


the crust came out in crumbles and it didnt taste like a cheese cake at all. 🙁
i cried in frustration… well, i was sad the rest of the day!

and today morning the bright juicy breakfast sweet lime gave me a signal something good was to happen – 
tada! a teeny parcel arrived in the mail with a sample to try on.. i have always loved testing samples of products i plan to buy ahead in future! this helps me plan a budget and also whether to spend on the product or is it really worthless! this time its the Acuvue contact lens. 
something more wonderful happened in the later  part of the day.
Rita had planned some goodies for us. plus …

…and Parmita (oh what a swweeet girl ) got us this ! yay!
one more Dungeedums apple pie to hog on! what does one do when they see this shining yummy baked baby ?


dump the fork, screw the spoon, i have my fingers dug right into the huge chunk without weighing its calorie content! (calorie?? whats that?)
wowww! truely deliccious. this is my second try on dangeedums product. will have to visit this store soonish!
as of now, i m going to keep the rest of the day fruitilicious and simple.
the disaster that happened last night has been covered in such a pretty delicious way. 

do u have a better and simple (already experimented on) cheesecake recipe? 


Spend the beginning of this week at my parent’s place. there’s nothing more wonderful than spending time with mum dad and the most cutest nephew in the world! i can give up anything to see him smile 🙂

before i left on Sunday evening… my Sunday morning began with making coriander Khichu payal style but it didnt really look or taste the same…


and i indulged on a pop-sickle candy to make up for the amazing taste i was craving at the navratri festival that evening… no! i wasnt allowed to play this year (health issues) , i simply watched, ate and enjoyed 🙂

the most wonderful three days of fun and comfort followed after that evening, a short visit to my parents place…
and the things i poked my teeth into-
vegetable hakka noodles- indian style !  the way i demanded it.
thanks to my closest girl friend VT. i had requested her to make these splly for me. 

they were piping hot and i had two plate-full of it… craving to have more of it the next time i am there…


a tall glass of what i would call as… fererro rocher sin! a ferrero thick shake at 2am in the night with my love- PG. 

and the most awaited thing : mango pulp! awwwww…. this tastes so yummy even after season.

the trip was over even before i could fully enjoy it.
by the way, guess who greeted me in the parking area when we were back?

yay! three of them.. cute puppies for everyone in the building to play with. hahah…

so how was ur week? what all marvelous things u ate/drank?

aavjo 🙂