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my lil one is growing up

its a sad state of mind that writes this… my son is growing and that makes him leave my territory and explore the other corners in the home. he has learned to walk on his fours. he runs away to other rooms and into the kitchen.. picks up stuff and wants to hold everything in his hands and explore. i understand his level of curiosity and i am very much alright with his happy shouts when he discovers something new even if its just a flowing tap… but its a sad moment too because my little guy doesn’t play in my arms anymore. the kids are growing up so fast and i realize i need to capture and live in every moment of his growing stage. these days are never going to come back. he is never going to be the new born who used to fit into my palm and an arm. he is not the infant anymore who used to sleep all day long. he is not that little one who could only turn his sides…
he is now growing up. we recently got this mee mee walker for him. in my fave colors red and white.



mee mee

the detachable

with the white block lock… i can be assured the kid is safe near the stairs too and this mee mee walker can be turned into a swing like the see saw type rocker… my son loves it so much.
easy to clean and maintain… easy on the weight to carry it in the parking for a free run.

initially it can be very difficult to get your kids in the walker… they feel like they have been tied and unable to move around, my experience says let them feel the walker/stroller/baby car for a few days. keep it by the sofa or dining table just like any other furniture you have. and let them touch it or knock it over or even just stare at it. once they know this piece of furniture is going to stay at home they will get friendly with it and try playing with it. slowly after a while put them inside and see how they react. dont give up if your kid doesnt like it. a few days and a few trys later he will love it and want to jump into it once they see it.
all you need is patience…
difficult for a new mom but trust me… after a few months you will develop it naturally. raising a kid is not difficult because its more fun. you get to see a life grow and create memories that only you can re-live once they grow up and get on with their lives.

we are just back from a weekend getaway… will post a few pics soonish.. traveling with an infant can be so easy and so much fun..

see ya soon.