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Travelling with the Toddler Part 1

Recently a lot of moms messaged me, a few I am now close to have even Whatsapp-ed me at odd hours asking what to carry and what not while travelling with a toddler.
Firstly, I am so happy and indebted to those who trust my motherly instincts and ask for suggestions.
Secondly, I understand why they ask. My husband and I are very fond of travelling. There are destinations which we visit again and again because we love being there. I have traveled for holidays in my first , second and last trimester as well… as far as 300-400kms without having any issues. Thank you Lord for that… and My first short trip with the kiddo was when he was about 45days old while first big holiday trip was when he turned 6 months old… in between I was either attending weddings or too tired and sleeping on weekends .. lol !
And lastly, I socialize a lot and love to receive or pass on suggestions (not advises) to moms who believe I mean good for her and the little one. I take in suggestions as well, in a healthy way and it has always helped me except weight losing tips.. they never work and I don’t understand why !!

Little D

Little D

So lets make a list of major things required by moms:

1. Diapers
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motherhood and love

hi there,
one of the benefits motherhood has is you suddenly get some worldly wisdom and you can blabber on any topic ! just anything.
i have been doing that blah blah blah stuff here for two years now and now writing for more people and answering more wisdom on mails too…

my new space is on worldofmoms.com

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Whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mom, whether you belong to a joint family or a nuclear one, and even if you are a desi mom living in the west or you’re living in a tiny remote place and peeping in the outside world via internet… we all have one thing in common. MOTHERHOOD. The feeling of motherhood and being ‘that one’ who blew up that flat tummy never to be perfectly flat again and yet happy to have it. Motherhood is when you are so f-ing tired that you only realize you were sleeping on a piece of cardboard jigsaw and a crayon under your pillow all night long after you wake up. The crayon broke into three because of the massive weight; not of your head but of the tensions and worries you slept with. The crayon breaks into several pieces if you are a mom to a kid who has fever that night or whose kid has an important exam next day. Still, this princess did not realize the pea for those seven-eight hours. Simply saying because, this princess left the kingdom when motherhood struck her in the heart.

Not every one learns to be a perfect parent unless you had a litter of younger siblings running under your nose while growing up. With the rise of nuclear families (such a typical political dialogue this is) many parents themselves do not have a sibling. They are either foster or cousins. I was the younger one in my family so didn’t learn anything… I was more bossed around by elder sibling. Some moms like me learn about motherhood only after making a few dozen mistakes. A handful of those are made when the baby is still a newborn. I remember them all and regret them so. Having said that, my second child (if I ever have the patience to have any or plan to raise someone else’s kid) will never see the same light as my first child even if I am more near to the perfect mother figure the second time.

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next post shall be on queries and answering your weirdest questions, some i already have saved in my email and i have answered most of you guys via my official id… info@awomansays.com
plz feel free to write anything. would love to have an inbox full of motherly love.

Kunj 🙂