taste testing

 i was away for almost 10 days! blame it on baby’s high metabolism rate and my low hb !
but i had a lovely time relaxing and staying home. while i was home n sick… enrich sent me a voucher to go to the salon and relax myself! and ITC sent me some food products to taste test 🙂 yoohoo!

 there is a bottle of conserve/jam ; a bottle of chutney ; a pack of halwa ; a pack of mirchi sabzi and a recipe cd (volume 1). how cool is this.
this parcel arrived on my anniversary morning when i was planning to cook a sweet dish… and here it was! in a heat and serve package right on my doorstep.

 the moong dal halwa was just perfect for the lunch at home. what you see on this small platter is all the quantity that comes in the package. but it certainly fills in 3 tummies for sure. its loaded with a wonderful aroma , color and taste.

a tip from my end: before heating it in a kadai or pan- heat up two spoons of ghee and add the halwa in the ghee for a fresh(just cooked) taste. heat it for 2 minutes and its ready to serve.
it has a few shredded almonds in it but you can always add in more if serving to a guest or want some yourself!

what i really liked about this ITC product is that it has the same color the package shows and tastes just as good. my earlier taste testing with another company was horrible and i fell sick having it. 
i was happy with the product…
and i have 3 more to try! the jam needs to wait till breakfast time tomorrow.
you can shop more of these kitchens of india products here.
 thank u ITC for sending me the products 🙂
will blog on the other products later… need to hog on the halwa before it gets cold.
 aavjo 🙂
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