the lows and highs

My day today started with the worst sight ! 
my plant shriveling… i hate this sight! and i hate the rains that washed away those tiny delicate shoots 🙁

it broke my heart, i have never been more excited about gardening before. but this tomato plant had really gripped my attention. remember this post?? my 100th post celebration. i only prayed on my way to work that nothing else today should make it more worse! it didnt 🙂 
look at this Amul van, the little girl has been here for around 50 years.
the fact that this white revolution needs no big star to represent and make it famous. sending rays of hope…

and of course, the big bang theory always uplifts my spirits. i even mentioned it here on facebook

grab the picture close, i clicked it for my friend Kelvin. he is no less than Sheldon Cooper from TBBT. 
the real highlight of the evening that uplifted my spirits…!!! i recorded some scripts! yoohooo!!! i have always loved being an RJ, and the mike has always been my first love. i even started bloging while i worked(read: had fun) at the radio station. one good radio offer and i am sure i would sacrifice a 1000 jobs for it. a pic of my script! yes… its childish! its a video script for kindergarten students 😛
well, this software was a turn-off but its alright for a rough n raw voice over! its called cool-edit. you may download it for free. make cute audio files and send it over to far-away loved ones. or even a love note to your husband when at work. 

and fairly easy to use too! quick recordings and quick saving. saves as a wave file. it really brought back some memories 🙂 nostalgic evening. i told my boss to give me more of such tasks… more often!


yes, so the time is up! and the mood is high too. started with a blow of low and a sigh of despair. the recordings lifted it up to another higher level. 🙂
p.s a phone call from a friend in the morning also made me happy. old friends seldom call but when they do, the talks are epic! she even has a facebook page RJ Aisha. the sweetest laughter i have ever heard belongs to her 😀

tell me what uplifts your mood and spirits??
aavjo 🙂

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    • thank u for the comments SJ. i don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of TBBT… aren’t they just hilarious 🙂 and we all have a cousin like raj in the states 🙂

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