today’s menu 12.12.12

 so its a spl date today huh?? how abt cooking something spl too ??

today was more of a red day through out!

so the day was on a great anti-oxidant mood! time to punch in some oil and veggies and SEAWEED !
rita got me this sushi leaves and i wanted to try it ever since it landed in my kitchen closet. 

so… sushi ehh?? i dont even know how to make one… and my husband doesnt even know wat cuisine it is… korean or japanese or both?? 😛
well, watching pretty women eat it on ‘sex and the city’ was no help. i knew i had to find a recipe soon. Rita helped me… suggested avocado and veggies .

its super thin.. paper like… doesnt smell so good as well… i only hoped it would taste better! i arranged some rice and veggies (avocado, carrots and bell peppers) layered over the sushi leaf !)

 at the end… i guess it didnt turn out that bad. i sauted the veggies… and now i think avocado should not be dealt with like that.. there has to be a ‘real’ way to cook it. 
anyways, so i rolled the leaf over and cut it in wedges.

 so it didnt turn out to be very delicious… i will have to ramp over youtube tomorrow for a better veggie recipe. maybe some paneer would be good to stuff in.
i tell you.. no matter wat you fill in it never satisfies a gujju’s hunger the way spicy gujju food does,
i even proved it tonite… sushi v/s ringda no audo n rotla…
no guesses on who won.

will try making sushi once more with some alternate stuffing.
 till then,
cheers! try experimenting and make 121212 memorable !
aavjo 🙂
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2 thoughts on “today’s menu 12.12.12

    • umm.. not sure where in gujarat to find sushi leaf! my friend brought it me from her holiday overseas…
      this was my first try on it… do u have a veggie recipe to it? plz do share…
      and oh ya, i am definitely participating in ur giveaway right away!
      thanks for stopping by,

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