up above d world so high

 have been lost from the internet world for a long long time…
and i am perfectly happy with it.
a few weeks back we celebrated sankrant here… like last year this time too we camped at PG’s friend’s place for two days. eating, shouting and gossiping while the men flew on cloud 9 flying kites all day and night…

those aren’t stars.. they are tuggals… thai lamps… all over the sky making it all so beautiful. one has to be here and experience it in chilly winds !!

one of them taking off for a flight in the air,

and then comes spring… birds chirping in the sky flowers blooming..
i tried to capture three birds singing outside my window… i can only wish u can see them behind leaves! its always a beautiful morning hearing them.

so wat are u guys upto these days??
a glimpse of my next post… a recipe one indeed!

aavjo 🙂
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