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time- an essay

awomansays Aug 2, 2018

Lemme tell you a story. There was once a King who befriended a poor villager from his large kingdom. He met this poor friend on a very clear morning when the sun was shining and the birds were chirpin /...

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rich baby, happy mom

awomansays Apr 25, 2018

HAPPINESS IS A HAPPY KID AT HOME doing our summer.. right way! Needless to say, I have been like all other working moms we know around us- super busy since the summer break started. There is a /...

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Travelling with the Toddler Part 1

awomansays Mar 8, 2018

Recently a lot of moms messaged me, a few I am now close to have even Whatsapp-ed me at odd hours asking what to carry and what not while travelling with a toddler. Firstly, I am so happy and indebt /...

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cooking with the kid

awomansays Feb 8, 2018

well, cooking with the kid hasn't been an easy task. It takes about a zillion years to take clean-perfect light-angle pics and more than that it takes about a million light years more to click at th /...

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Turning into 7

awomansays Dec 22, 2017

So my husband and I just completed 6 blissful years of marriage. I have written about PG and me very often on the website but not quite sure if I have mentioned this earlier, nevertheless... everythin /...

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