a woman says

its my birthday next month !!
husband is planning for a huge surprise… cant wait to celebrate.
how wonderful it is to celebrate your 29th birthday , one last year before you turn into a middle aged aunty of the colony.
that 29th birthday with your two year old and a husband who you love a lot spend on a lovely dinner at a posh restaurant that serves a 7 course meal in your favorite cuisine! whoppee… exciting??!! ain’t it ?

maybe not…

because when you post pictures of the non alcoholic sparkling pink mocktail , the diamond earrings, the over-sized kaftan you wear to hide your belly tyre, the main course with lots of cheese, the cute chocolaty smile of your kid, and of course a random picture of the trio trying to fit into a single screen, squeezing and smiling celebrating pictures; somewhere you see your other single friends who recently posted their pics on the same social media website too.. its on your wall and screen and you scroll through them. pictures of your school friend, college classmate, someone you know from your previous work station who color their hair brown or streaks of blonde, wear huge aviators over the sleek bony jaw line and red red stained pout. wearing the shortest skirt available and pose against exotic scenes of Italy and America with her girlies or long time boyfriend with a perfect curve of her body that shall invite a 100 likes in less than 10 minutes while you are in your large lose pyjamas (since you are 12 kgs plus your size since college days )with a tub of ice cream or relishing the bar of chocolate your kid left unfinished.

CONCLUSION: YOU go enroll yourself to a gym next day and vouch no more ice cream nights. does this change anything about you? keeping yourself an arm length distance from your favorite comfort food… does that help? whining about why you have a kid while other friends are having fun… does it help? looking at her pictures and trying to think of excuses why you don’t look so good like her… does it help?

umm… no!

this is my story, this is what i feel right now. today and everyday! but its not just me who is unhappy about her 28th year.
i know a lot of troubled moms who have gone through lots of body changes, two or three kids and a great change in lifestyle.
i know women who have struggled to decide between kids and career. i know women who have ditched work to be with kids.
i knew women who have not shopped anything short and sexy because she thinks a mom should not be wearing this, she should dress up according to her role as a mom.
i know women who cared not which movie just released and which new restaurant serves her favorite pasta flavor, because the baby needs home cooked food.

life certainly has changed, and you have new roles to perform.
a woman says a lot of things that she wants to do but cannot after a baby if you listen to her.
a woman says she needs to get back her old body image, her old self , her old skin and hair.

reversal of time is impossible.

yes sweetie

yes sweetie

all you can do is look around and live in what is with you at the moment.
dear woman,
did you realize the sound of your kid chuckling is more pleasant than Niagara falls?
rewards like hugs and kisses are more soul-refreshing than holidays in short skirts?!
holding your baby’s tiny fingers or feeling your husband’s hand around you at night can be more securing than a voyage with other single ladies!

comment below and let me know why motherhood is more rewarding regardless your age and body image.
pour your feelings to your heart’s content.



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love ,
kunj 🙂