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change seeping in

Had d best sunday yesterday! my hubby finally gave in to my requests and spent the entire day with me, leaving his biker gang friends and WORK! he loves working, he can work every single day of the year and on every national holiday.. of ofcourse its a different thing when India is playing some real imp match. that day cricket is even more imp than going to the loo… !! men oh’ men !

Yes, so the change seeped in and we managed to spend a quality time together, a single day together and he made it up for all the holidays he was working in the last couple of weeks.

A change has seeped into my blog dashboard too…. slowly n steadily.. many a fashion blogger sites are being un-followed and many other non-fashion links are being followed. the reason being..? i m changing and so are my interests. i have never been steady about my fav color since childhood, chuck even the topic of what my fav blogger category is ! even my fav food changes with time. gone are those days of pizza and chocolate shakes… i even hate the sight of them today! 
my interests keeps on changing, and that makes me re-think whether i have changed too? hell  YES! but it better be  a change for good rather than worse.

Before i got married i was an impatient cheezy romantic who often got irritated… like 5 times a week! hahaha…
and now? i dont even remember the last time i got irritated or angry or impatient. i guess this happens with everyone… with a change in the environ you live in, with a change with your lifestyle and responsibilities the change is evident and often remarkable.

My husband loves the change in me and is proud of the way i have always proved (even when i didnt have to) what a wonderful wife n D-I-L i am.

He praises me a lot and o yes, he better do that. only a woman knows what all she has to go through the whole day for being the best homemaker.

I even think a lot if these changes are not ruining me as a person but building up a better image. 

A recent incident had hurt me a lot when i went aboard doing something extra special for some people and helping them like no one did. i received the praises and i was happy for a while until i got to know behind the curtain; the scene is somewhat different. they often criticize me for being modern and different from their cow like silent n stupid daughters. for a moment i was taken aback…

I know who i am and that shall not change. let my choices of food n beverage or fashion or reading interests change with time but i shall never change myself from who i really am ! whether the world likes it or not…

And a new change has just seeped in… i no more love those people, i no more care more than a pin drop point for what they feel. they have earned it and this is what i shall give them!

I am happy with the family i have. and i need no one to tell me what i should be. PERIOD !

 P.S loved the recent flick ‘ek main aur ek tu’ , i too want some lace tee’s now…

the gujju-ness

I cant understand what is d connection between gujju people and fried food. people all around the globe are big foodies… errr… leaving Egypt or Africa; but gujju people have this intense i-cannot-live-without–you kinda liking for fried food. i’ve like gained a few kgs since i got engaged. the simple reason- a lot of relatives call us (me and PG) for long dinner treats that includes so many varieties that a large plate seems small and the whole idea of feeding till you feel bloated and burp till the neighbor listens to it kinda feeling sets in ! 

i recently posted a pic of mine on fb and a silent msg from a college friend beeped in my msg box- KP u better control on ur weight , u seem to have gained some kgs and you are too cute to get fat !OMG! i re-visited my profile and zoomed into the pic.. yes.. the jaw line had a curve with a bulge!so now i m on my strictest diet ever!reading a marvelous Rujuta diwekar book that has helped me to start and shall continue to do so…. i believe!

Umm.. back to the topic, gujjus have a unique gastro system! they can eat almost everything at any given point of time. 

if they have their dinner at 9pm, and go out for a paan or ice cream at 10:30pm they would still not mind a big cuppa cappuccino at 1130 … the excuse for it?? – ccd takes their last order at 11:30 no? we should get ours fast before they close down na? 

Hahaha… at times i place my palm on my forehead thinking why am i born a gujju, all we ever think is food n share market! and at the other times *which are major in number* i love being a gujju!

Specially gujju plays… they are more entertaining these days then hindi movies. youtube this guy called siddharth randeria… you would love the way this 55 year old gujju living in bombay can perfectly understand the real gujju , their habits and their way of loving/looking at life!

He acts on the theatre rangmanch in such a a way that every pair of eyes moves along with him on the stage! when the play gets over… people often remark of enjoying a little bit more, a few more mins… this gujju guy makes every gujarati proud. he has shared screen space with a lot of film stars and acted on stages in america, england and India and thus he shares the gujju love all around

I got this opportunity to meet him, this was part of my v-day gift from my husband. i am such a huge fan of this guy that we both have seen all his gujarati plays. a few live on stage and the rest on dvds. we often make sudden plans of raiding a dvd store and demanding new gujju play dvd by randeria.


You have to see his play to understand what i am saying and for those who have seen him wave his laughter wand on stage before must be remembering his witty one liners and smiling right now.

long live this king of comedy!
till my next post, youtube his plays and have a tickling weekend! see ya soonish 🙂

R.I.P blue Tooth

What a crazy crazy week that was!

Though i did get a little time to check on new blog posts by people i follow and surfing the net (read:facebook updates) , I have been super busy with the viral fever that has caught almost everyone under its influence in my home. thanks to seacod i have a stronger immune system


I caught cold for a day and it simply swept away in d night. the next morning i was feeling fresh n healthy! anyways this ain’t a post to thank seacod supplements 😛

Around one year and 3 months back i got a pretty blue stone dented on my tooth 🙂

And that has been my style statement since then. more than a hundred people have mistaken it for a bindi and the super enthusiastic ones have even put in their fingers trying to scratch it before i could understand and react to what they are trying to do !!! haha haa.. those have been the craziest times for me and the most embarrassing times for them !

blue tooth

This isn’t one of my best pics, i was dead tired after a long day at work but this pic was specially taken to show off my blue-tooth (thats wat all my friends call it )

Last week i bid the stone farewell as it chipped out from my tooth while brushing; i hate to admit but i was so much in love with it that i didnt even have lunch that day and wanted a new one planted the same day. i called my dentist but she wasn’t going to come to the clinic dat day…


A heavy heart and a sad smile stayed intact for a few hours when my sweetheart dentist called back and said she would come for me at the clinic and get a new one done for me but i gotta get there on time. eeeeyay went my heart 🙂

this time she was out of stock for all blue stones in various sizes so i had to settle down for a new color:

magenta tooth

dhan ta na !!!
This is my new magenta tooth 🙂

Not so flashy like the blue one.. i super loved that but i guess i will love the pink this year and whenever it chips off i shall get back to the blue one.if you feel like getting one done, get your dentist to do it. these krystals come in various colors in three different sizes. if you want two on a single tooth choose the tiniest size. (yes, i have seen people get it done).

My dentist has a baby pink color on her tooth as well. every-time i met her, i wanted to get one done for myself too. so then last year i wanted to do something crazy on my birthday… and the blue tooth was the end result 😉

People streaK/color their hair while i got my tooth a color stud 🙂

blue tooth

 It does look pretty, ehh?
Well some people find it disgusting but for me its my style statement….

My blue tooth… i miss you dearly but i have to fall in love once again with the new magenta pink… 

Many a times u have to let go things you love,

and you realise it later that things aren’t to be loved and remembered but its those memories 

it gave you that you miss the most.

KP 🙂

food disasters in diets!

The french made the potato fries, the burger by the american, the ice cream was shared by the italian and the biryani by the arabs but what does a gujju do??

Make them all the kathiyawadi style ! yo!

Hahaha.. i am glad i am a gujju… i can nibble on almost everything, love it, note down the ingredients, go home and into my kitchen., make d same dish and add a zest of gujju masala flavor …. Voila ! here i am with my own gujarati version of everything that is edible around the globe.

Valentine’s was just another tuesday for me. nothing so great about it. he did surprise me with a gift and i surprised him back by gifting something he had been wanted for about 6 months now… but it didnt turn out the way i had planned in my last blog… brrrrrr… no worries, i thought i can do some special cooking for him and make up for the lost time and our first vday which went unnoticed! 🙁

Recently on my trip to thailand i had myself pouncing on eggplant lasagne and some more eggplant with celery stalk curry eaten with pita breads.

I tried doing the same at home.. lasagne is way too difficult to be made and i chucked the plan the very next moment i saw the wall clock, the tv sitcom time i wanted to see and the eggplant in my hand- all raw!!

Yes, so i made some celery and eggplant dish which though tasted good was no less than a disaster! the extra spicy gujju taste buds of my husband felt like he was forced on a leaf diet for no reason at all !

Lesson learnt:

Never be so over confident about being a gujju cook! let me just concentrate on making good food rather than trying to make my own gujju versions of various thai food. 

Though i do blame myself for ruining his dinner that day… i myself wanted to go on a leafy diet for the day.. have been trying to flush out a little extra celluloid i have gained in the past 4 months. PG often encourages me for the same by bbm-ing such idiotic pics :


Passing it to you cause its certainly not going to help me !!! maybe it can help u or someone u know who is on a crash diet too !

What helps me is this – beautiful sarees draped across flat abs! i so wanna have a flab-free tummy!


While i planned not to experiment my diet dishes on my husband PG anymore why dont you tell me what inspires you to go on diets?

 Wvery morning is a sign that there was darkness some time back but not anymore. be positive for a morning shall dawn soon.

KP (:

Valentine twenty-12

The only v-day I remember doing something special was way back in 2008 ; I did this really mushy show on radio as Dr. Love solving love probs, giving useful love tips and fancy ideas to spice up life! I made these two strangers meet right in my office for the very first time aamne saamne. Earlier they had seen each other once at a college bus stop n fell into love at first sight! The guy approached me, I tried searching the girl over radio talks n found her, asked her if she had similar feelings n made them meet! I still remember their names- divya n nikunj.

I hope they are still together n very much in love even today.

I met my husband last year after valentines and got married before the next one arrived, this year shall be my first v-day with him and though we both are mature and much older for teenage puppy romance it only means we cannot do what films show! No giving roses or passing chits in class from one bench to another. No meeting after tuition classes get over at that chai tapri or giving a lift to home… These all though evergreen are kiddish ideas for a couple like us recently married…

Okay! Confession time… It’s not too late but I find doing all this pretty embarrassing in my own way. I dont think i would do all that at this age :/

I’ve fed myself with mills n boons novels since I started reading novels and that’s like a few million sun years ago (exaggeration intended) but I’m still a privy person. Can’t handle vday romances.

Thus I’m here thinking or rather planning with my busy husband PG on what should be our first vday plan…

Step 1 : finish all your pending work in this week before the big day so i dont have those pending tasks hallucinating on front of me with him in the back ground on the main day. So I’ve come on a quick visit to my home town to finish some bank work n collect my certis to attach with resumes (yes , I still haven’t found a proper job yet. Ppl here are way too pro n passions often take a backseat). And he went for his all male macho weekend with friends.
So typical of a man’s idea of spending weekend relaxing with males who share similar likes n dislikes does not bother them et all.

Step 2: searching for a right vday gift. It’s easy to gift anything from anywhere around the globe with the emergence of e-shopping websites, free shipping and availability of more than one payment options. But buying something worth n right thing at d right time was the question more important to me right now than what was the new Indian budget about. It took me a whole day to decide what he needs the most at this moment and shall be valued for a long long time. Though I shall have to search for it’s availability
Still stuck at step 2, i will have to move my hands around and search for that perfect gift

Step 3: I may not have cleared step 2 but I’m full prepared for step three. Let the atmosphere speak for itself. Lighten up the room with aromatic candles n flowers! Now that’s a lil tough.. I don’t even know which are his fav flowers!!! How stupid can I be ! Hmmm. So I guess I’m stuck again.
But I shall still manage to do something nice n romantic in the evening. And I’m also thinking… Errr let those things be a secret. *giggles wiggles*

Step 4: do not mention to him how his hair is not styled well or that he needs a hair cut or that little paunch makes him look fat or any of his habits that would spoil the feel of the day…. Difficult but i guess I really win over this step. This aint that difficult right ?

As of now, I m confident abt step 1 and 4 while I need to figure out on step 2 and make a major decision for step 3 😉

While i hit the mall in the evening you may suggest me something too.. Trust me, advising things on radio was much more easier than doing it myself.


A new bud

This blog has nothing much to be read in it but i still wanted to write as a memory entry for a special day that means a lot in my life! i wanted that years or even months later when i re visit my blogs i find this spl entry which makes me remind of this day and to those who have shared a similar feeling as i have…

On an early tuesday morning  i checked my mobile calender, i felt i was losing a tread from my memory, it was supposed to be someone’s bday but i could not recollect whose.. i gave it s thought for those 5 mins while i brushed my teeth looking at myself in d mirror.. yes ! it does help at times but with no luck that day and nevertheless i had no free time to ponder over d dates too. had a freaky day ahead and had to manage an early lunch for the family.

Around 11am i received a call, my bestie gave birth to a baby girl ! aahaa… now that’s what i call as intuition. the moment i woke up that day i had a feeling it was going to be someone’s birthday. i still havent got a glimpse of how beautiful the baby doll looks like but i certainly knew it was time for celebration! i quickly went next door and bought some sweet nothings to celebrate even when my bestie was miles away from me!

A new bud in the family makes the garden looks refreshed, the new space, the new color, the anticipation of when it shall open up its petals and grow into a flower… a beautiful lady! i must admit a new born in the family brings with itself happiness that has never been felt before.

When she is born u wait for the moment when she would open her eyes, when she does that you wish she could recognize you. a few months later when she starts recognizing you, haha you only wish she could speak and call you names.

These beautiful little gifts of God only instill in you the spark of happiness and the courage to win the world for them.. to be their hero!
the stupid me keeps on checking fb every few hours just to check if my bestie or her husband has updated a pic of the new bud on their wall.. it anyways looks like a baby season to me for some odd reason.
have been hearing about friends having babies or their wives getting preggers!

cheers to a new life!

Change is constant

The very first time i created this blog  it was too divert all my negative energy. was going thru a bad bad phase with loads of confusion regarding my work n studies. my bestie RT started writing blogs and had sent me email invi to read and post comments. thats how i joined blogspot. the irony is she stopped doing so and i continued… R plz revive your dream and start writing again. i love to read your expressive thoughts. and slowly i started writing from one liner quotes to full length blogs with pics.

It helped me… slowly but it did! then came a time when i was in my best moods and this blog space became my reality, of who i am, of uploading what i love- shopping n fashion! and gibbering. i enjoyed doing that. i have always loved the camera; be it clicking or posing for it. i began to love the whole ritual of window shopping at 5 places, buying, wearing it with pride, clicking my pics and posting it!Though earlier i wasnt much confident whether i should model for my own pics because i am not like other bloggers- slim sexy n pretty! an hourglass figure with celluloid id the way my mirror describes me. my first model was PB; she had been patient and loving enuf to pose for me with my various handbags HERE 🙂

THANK U PB for your constant love and being the first one to support the new change in the blog.
now my life has taken a new bend in to a new phase… being a Mrs. is a tough job. 
life earlier was easy, all i used to think of was what should my radio show sound like that day or what new store i should visit, what is on the shopping list that day…
now its all different, earlier my mobile quick notes read what new beauty product i have to try or what new fashion websites i have to visit that day, now i make a quick note in my mobile of a shopping list which includes more of veggies n pulses n maggie for my husband’s late nite hunger pangs (as if i dont cook good … huhhh!!!) to fruits and a little of beauty products. earlier i searched internet on whats new in fashion brands this season, now a days i search free online recipes n videos to impres my MIL. 
earlier it was all about when is a particular brand or designer is throwing a sale, and now the day begins with what should i cook for lunch!!

my school motto was ‘school for life, work n change’ which i guess i have imbibed myself; in a constant new changing environ my life has turned the wheel and i have lost touch with whats going on in the outside world.. in a way i really dont care, my world is a happier place and i m fine with it. my blogs henceforth shall not be only fashion blogs but a personal blog on life, love and all things nice. hope you shall enjoy and welcome the new writing.

thank you to all my followers and readers. lets continue with the same love in future 🙂
cheers to life!

quick review: sheamoist

The other day we ran out of our daily dose of oriflame body cream and i was reminded by PG to get one by night fall. i strolled in the super market next door but then oriflame products dont sell in super markets so i bought a LOTUS Herbals Sheamoist which guarantees 24hr hydrated skin loaded with shea butter and strawberry, Super! i liked the fragrance and the soothing it gave upon trial. Classic 🙂

now even if the pack says real strawberry and the cream was baby pink in color i never expected strawberry would be an all ‘ladies’ flavor.
PG starred back at me and expected an explanation. now not all strawberry scent makes a man feel/look/smell gayish!!! hahahaha he did feel so initially. myth myth…!
it was only after a his second usage that he actually started liking it!

the reason i bought it.. the 24hr hydration feature and the non-greasy feel. apply it and forget it. perfect for this weather where it aint hot nor chilled. it also has a cute sweet fragrance to it. like i said in one of my earlier posts… for me this spring is all abt pink! neon is what every other blogger is loviiiing and screaming abt. but for me, i am in love with all shades of pink!

yes, even my  new spectacles are pink in color! 🙂
louve <3