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Yesterday Afternoon

Yesterday AfternoonEvery gujju likes the afternoon power naps. 8/10 gujjus i know are habitual to it…

The relation goes as deep as pickles and dhoklas.
and i have had a mean time trying to get rid of it !

During my rj-ing days it was simple enuf to stay away from siestas… i had an afternoon show. which also means a lot lesser number of listeners burrrrrr :/

Never mind, i still managed a little name and fame.i went to this interview yesterday afternoon and it was so damn difficult keeping my eyes wide open and restraining myself from yawning. 

A small part of my brain tells me to listen to what he is explaining abt the company and describing the work i shall have to initiate if i go get recruited… 

The rest of the brain wanted to give out a big yawn and lazily sit in the arm chair like a bitch under the tree shade. lethargic hours are 1- 4pm …

Too much to handle for the rest of the country! until n unless its a laid back summer holiday in the country side or even better- in kerela.

I did manage to gulp in all the multiple yawn attacks. it sure was a gladiator task!

Now i really wish the interviewer hasn’t noticed it.
If i do get selected a small part of the brain is happy thinking i shall once again get rid of the sleepy chants and a major part of the brain worries if i manage doing so! 

But when i am on a holiday.. i m sleep deprived! i want to see more and more of everything around.
When i go the movies.. i dont even realize the power nap time has snoozed off!
When i wander around shopping… a superman like metabolism takes me over!
Jeepers creepers…!! whn will my gujju mind understand??

2pm… i am already an hour late..
c you soonish..

p.s- a grt grt grt gujju film has released yesterday. ‘kevi rite jaish?’ 
if u are a gujju by heart or married to a gujju you better check this flick 🙂


Shop Shop Shop

Found this wonderful wallpaper on fb today…

faadu che ne dost??

Acha , in case u really wanna shop something nice n yet do not wish to spend 30% of ur salary in it,
here’s a link

Its kind of a small initiative form my end for a change… trying to begin a new blog is not easy.
hope u shall help me take it to a higher level some day,.

A snap of what is showcased today:

Do lemme know what u think about it.


Dibakar On A Sunday

I left my lappy at my parent’s place… i missed a major meeting because i could not check my mails. duh -uh !! 

And for a change i missed blogspot more than facebook ! ta-da .. now this sounds s better.yesterday was a really laid back sunday. i pretended i am lazy to work and husband dear perceived it just so well. 

We went for a movie in the afternoon which was way to truthful to handle on a single sitting. to loosen up my headache and mood i went for a pankaj udhas live concert. sat on the front seat in an audience of 8000 and loved my goodluck!

So, i loved dibakar banerjee’s style of movie making when i saw oye lucky lucky oye… the songs and the story was refreshing., and i have always liked abhay deol. he disappointed me hugely when LSD released. i saw the trailers and decided never to watch it. somehow i am not someone who is interested in such pathetic films. 

Comes Shanghai last weekend and i was impressed by the looks the characters had. i was happy that for a change we have a serious movie in the theatre… now for how long will i enjoy watching rowdy films?? i needed a decent break *like Kahaani* 

The movie was surely showcasing a lot of truth but a majority of the A-class learned people i shared the movie hall with had a headache. they are literate, they like realistic films but this was way too much of truth squeezed in two hours with no entertainment. there have been movies produced with political stories weaved with a little commercial entertainment and have been successful. 

Not that the film was a complete stone! i liked the film. i liked the way they showed politicians and specially people at the highest authority behind biggest of crimes but i had gone to refresh on a sunday and not leave the theatre with another load to worry about.

And trust me, even when we know how bad the politicians these days are, are we able enough to change it all? change the scenario and bring peace? vote for a clean and dedicated indian.. does that really exist ??

We love our country, we love the way its flourishing, we love what we can achieve in this age and technology! we love our fast paced lives… but we certainly cannot change the central office and make sure our taxes are properly used!

Too much of crap?? yes, i think so too!
hence i drove myself to a pankaj udhas night, watched him sip and sing, and let me enjoy the mood and free meal.

Time to do something new tomrw!
Check ya all soonish


The Small Town Girl

What mesmerizes you about the small town girl is her simplicity and her natural beauty, with out any make up or gym workouts or fortnight salon visits she still manages to be the beauty doll that every girl looks like in the face cream commercials on tv i.e after the use of that certain grease~~ 

I was on a recent visit to this small town in Suarastra and i failed to find any girl dark obese or ugly to be really specific. yes, it was also difficult to pick out girls from that same crowd who was pretty and had her hands waxed and her upper lips threaded!!! that’s a secondary matter! they are all so beautiful, with perfect structures and that pretty smile, that non-attitude look and calmness in their voice! adore it !!!

What i observed was no young chic in the small town thinks a visit to the salon once a month is necessity, no one thinks a blackberry is termed as essential need ! poof! travel to my world and every single soul around me is asking why my bbm is de-activated as of now!!

Actually, small town girls dont need bbms, their cute little ears and thin little pink lips and no less than broadcasts in purple! talks in small towns travels just as fast as bbm and whats app or voxer! y waste money hai na?

What i really adore about these girls are their zero size bellys. trust my freaking words i have tried over a dozen things to get that flat abs!!! even miss single-not-to-mingle Bipasa Basu’s aerobics dvd didnt help me ! and these small town girls are born with it !! so lucky…

Men on the other hand have more of a pregger’s belly in small towns. and i have no damn clue why they are so fat!! small towns need gym with only for men military work outs !!

If the bellys are thin and fatless so are the brains! sorry, no offense. i hate the way they talk and think! i feel like jumping into a well listening to their talks and concerns. the big fat brain is hopelessly empty. they cannot think beyond vegetable curries and kids. aarrrgghhh!!! how i wish some day i could groom them all and make them into fine women,

Being in a small town doesnt mean they have to be such a pighead * please note, there are a million exceptions and they are not the ones i am talking about, and what ever i write here is my personal view about what i saw in the last two days in a small town*

Ya so being in a small town doesnt mean they have to be such pig heads! jane austen’s girls also lived in small towns but they were all intelligent and knew how to make their life worth it! not everyone is Lydia Bennet ! some day i will try and make a difference to at least one girl’s life! and make her into a small town simpleton to a chic uber cool gal with the same honor and attitude within that she carried all her life! changing the paint of the house makes it look new but if the same people reside inside, its still a home and d same home, interiors only make it look better and brighter and with the world !

aavjo 🙂