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100th Post: Celebration In 6 Easy Steps :)

Yes, i am here to celebrate my 100th post and this is super special to me.
I never began to maintain a blog! i began only to experiment. a little love was then created when i was in a troubled state of mind. (read- frustrated with the political scenario of the office)

While on my 50th post i had no clue where my blog will take me…
With my 100th post i am vaguely clear on the same.
But… i want my 100th post to be something productive. 
something i shall remind me every time that life is just the way we shape it. and the world is just the way we see it.

I complain abt the city not being green but i never initiated doing anything that could make it greener.

My way of celebrating my 100th post is to plant a tomato shrub in my balcony. 
Here’s a pictorial step by step of what i did this morning.

1. I bought this baked mud pot and some farm soil from this nursery near my place. they gave it to me for cheap. and even instructed me on how to maintain the texture and how to water the plant till it isnt full grown. nice chaps. (they are gujju after all, they had to be helpful 🙂

2. i let it dry out for 2 nights, as told by the owner of the nursery. and this morning, i shoveled out two inches of the soil from above.

3. i had bought these seeds on saturday. the most important thing to do when buying seeds is to look at the back of the pack for composite details. specially the expiry date n useful instructions.

4. this is how they look. yes, they are perfectly dried tomato seeds. if you are good at dehydrating stuff at home. do it. u dont need to buy this pack then.

5. i sprinkled it all over the pot and then spread out the bowlful of soil i had shoveled in the start, remember to do it slowly with a lighter touch of hand. do not mix the soil once spread over the seeds, they should remain covered.

6. again, sprinkle water with scooping it in your hand. do not pour it over. take care the seeds are not disturbed. and do not water it a lot., just enough for the seeds to get wet… and NOT SOAKED., 

I shall update you on its growth., but this is my way of celebrating my 100th post.
Hope u all liked it. and shall try it at home too.
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In Ahmedabad.. Be An Amdavadi

After being married for some 8 months now the most fantastic moment happened just yesterday. a couple- probably newbies in the city asked me for a direction. of a place I’ve never been before but i knew where it was and happily directed them… just right ! ahaa felt so happy. there was a time when i had to ask for directions even to go to the nearest milk booth or sabji-market and now i have just enough knowledge to move about wherever i wish to. there was a time when i walked for almost 14 kms round and round a single place to find the enfield store that was right across the crossroads. how silly i felt then. now i know the shortest way to reach my office, go the the malls and even the far off places. though i have learnt my lessons as well. no gain without pain…

“When in Rome be a roman” phrase applies to all. including ahmedabad.
things to do to turn into an amdavadi:
1. Never trust a rick-wala. he asks you to choose which way you want him to take and if u behave like you don’t know d way(directions) then u are bound to end up 30 minutes late and 50bucks more. that hurts!!
2. Even when their pockets are jiggling amdavadi’s would reply that they don’t have change to give back… never say “its okay. keep the change” you would soon be letting go.. donating a huge sum by the end of the month. learn to say the same. say u don’t have the change… let them give u a discount of a rupee or three. 

3. Amdavadi’s never work for free. they always believe in beejness. whether they are educated or not, everyone here is skilled and they dont provide their skills for help for free ! learn to accept it.

4. People here have this crazy thing for buying cars. they cant spell or pronounce Audi and jaguar but they are certainly driving one. Audi is always the ‘4-bangle logo car’ and jaguar ‘the leopard like logo car’. outsiders must not make fun of this! beware these people are richer than president obama, they just don’t globally show it off ! 

5. We have only read it in tales n folklore but royalty exists here in reality. the King of Sanand still has a humongous palace where he lives currently. his wife is considered the most beautiful in the world. she even surpasses aishwariya n diya mirza. she still bathes in a real waterfall and attended by lady servants situated inside the palace. and no one is allowed in there.
stay away from the clan to stay out of trouble. be friends with them and you shall never be able to thank them enough for their humanity and humbleness. 

6.  One cannot travel in the minority area after dark. go there and get killed and even eaten up before u realize it. no one will ever be able to trace you . it is said there is a sect of people here who eat animals, birds and even humans. how scarrrryyyy it dat !! eegawds !

7. The sale is the most important part of year. go and research all through the year, keep in my mind what you like/dislike. go to sale previews and get it first hand at 50% or 70% off … my personal experience says what i bought from a fresh stock is currently available at FLAT 70% OFF .. wtf !

8. You shall find the best-est of all cuisines in the world right here in the walled city. only you have to be smart and let others treat you. people here are real chindis and never pay if there is someone else to do so.

9. Travelling is long distance, get used to it.. even when bums hurt n go numb you cannot alter the major time spent in the traffic.

10. In case you love an amdavadi.. love him truely and he shall be the most honest and loyal person of your life 🙂

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