Bonvivant- a review

One of the best things about being a food blogger is being invited to a restaurant to try their new menu. i was more than delighted to give it a try. 
we went to this place called Bonvivant at law garden… right in the middle of a busy bustling place. its often closed down for vehicles in the evenings and mornings. one has to walk around and shop from the streets, catch a play at the auditorium or go hog at multiple options!




i found the place neat and hygienic. i loved the lights and the seating didnt hurt (it didnt have cushioning.. but was still comfy). 
i liked the fact that loners or non-talkers can always watch some tv while waiting for the order. 
overall… i liked the interiors and cleanliness.
i began my order with some corn tomato soup (sans cheese) and harra bhara kebabs.


i have never tasted such a tomato soup. it had more of sugar than the actual tomato!!! and soups aren’t meant to be sweet as mithai 🙁
and the corn was hard and chewy!!! it was truely disappointing, left it mid way to try the kebab.


sorry the the intruding hand… PG has this rare habit of spoiling all my pics and i really don’t mind it ! and he also loves to eat with his hand… he says that’s how a gujju eats! true 🙂
the kebabs were not so bad.. the chutney was good.. however 2 hours later i had swings of kebab burps… and that disturbed me. i wasn’t sure whether it was the kebab or the soup working uphill!

though i was not much happy with my dinner i dogged into a subway sofa and ordered something originally sweet…

even when i didn’t enjoy the food, law garden has some exciting stuff to see, specially if you are with your family!


my verdict- i started with the soup n starter.. did not go to main course menu, jumped to the dessert at another place… so yes- its a one time go and if you are a person who likes every cuisine made the gujju-way u shall def. like the place n food as well. i would pass it off.

aavjo 🙂
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