getting on the desk to work with a 6 hour sleep and 18 hour home chores/school going, birthday parties to attend, grocery shopping and playing peekaboo with the kid is difficult! as of today and this very minute i have only two people to thank to… my maid, and my maid !!! i have two maids who do the basic work at home while i look after my kid, cook, and manage the home affairs! i may not be doing all that hard work they do but i certainly get the feel of all those joint pains and aches and puffed eye bags when its 1am , thats exactly when my little one sleeps,

i put him to bed when its 10 30, but he has his own clock to follow and he shit never listens to mumma dearest!
at that time in the night, when even my husband has turned his side and snoring an IPL tune in his sleep i stretch my hands into the bedside drawer. comes to help, a friend indeed.


oriflame and mustang are two friends who help me in my mid night crisis! the feet are aching, there are blisters from the sandpit and water fun-fight! the feet smell, look lifeless, turn black under the toe and heels!
this cream is smooth, smells beautiful and has very non-greasy easy to apply texture. the mustang black n pink toe socks are a perfect match! that 1am or 4am friend, is THIS ONE!
THANK YOU DEAR TEAM MUSTANG for sending them right on time.

i have used a few other brands when it comes to keeping my feet smooth n pretty, who has the time for pedicures with a two year old monster running around? i love mustang the most. fyi, i am sad i dont have pretty prints that can be worn to a comic con! love my son’s pin stripe and avengers mustang babies.

but they come in fab colors 🙂 high five~


my little cherub in his avengers mustang and fat mommy legs/thighs/feet in pop green mustang women’s range.
please avoid the footwear, they are tacky and old fashioned but the most comfiest ones when you have a 3 kg mother bag on one arm and a 12 kg kid on the other arm asking questions that you have answered like 10 times in the past 2 minutes!
we went on a play date where his highness of the handsome colony rocked his attire,


while i the queen of hopelessly freaked out mothers wore the green ones, again turning into a good friend and helping out to avoid slipping on watermelon juice he spilled, and wet grass patch he was jumping on and i picked him up from there thrice! thank you green the kind! no more the color of lier as jim parsons HOME, no more the color of envy. the color of a good friend it is now! A FRIEND INDEED

and now to talk about my
THE bright neon pink and sparkling white with the best comfort layer

pic after two hours of workout

pic after two hours of workout

the double layering of the cotton threads is not just in the packing, they stay the same and shock resistant even after workouts, this is my fave one to go to gym with. comfort, doesnt let the heel of the shoes to hurt you and beautifully stylish to wear and flaunt!
yes, i flaunt! when i have no abs , arms or legs to show off, i have these to help me do some flaunting!!

mustang at rescue for the blob mom!

they gel perfectly with my white and pink addidas workout shoes! match point!! A FRIEND INDEED


my gym has this rude… like REALLY rude machine where you keep your feet up 60 degrees and do abs! front- side- side
the tyres at the tummy dont like it, but the pretty pink mustang keeps company! thank you love!

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