glutten-free sandwiches: recipe

learned this recipe from a preggy friend of mine…. preggy at that moment… shruti now has delivered a beautiful baby boy as adorable as her!
congrats to her n and those pretty P101 ladies who recently delivered…

now for this colorful healthy brown bread sandwich recipe.

 it was easy to make… like any other vegetable sandwich… and since it involves a lot of yogurt and green fibres it makes the perfect large meal for all those health n calorie conscious humans out here…

looks easy in the pics?? its easier to make it too.
glutten-free sandwiches:
hung curd (a medium bowl)
bell peppers (chopped)
carrots and cucumber (shredded n drained off the water)   
cheese (loose or spread) 

pepper n salt to taste

mix the hung curd and veggies
add in salt n pepper to taste
you may try adding some herbs too if you like it
apply green chutney on one bread, apply butter on the other one,
lovingly apply a huge chunk of the mixture to the bread
and make yourself a sandwich 
you may try adding in more veggies like peas or onions,
try different breads for a flavor (oats/multigrains)
in short lot can differ and you may experiment a new flavor everytime.
PG loved it, we had this in the car as a carry off on our way to a friend’s place for a midnight bday celebration.

 we picked this cake from star india bazaar near my place…
its moist, soft n lovely in flavor!!
everyone in ahm should try these some day… they have a good bakery in there at the end of the store.
lots of other food also sold there… havent tried that yet. 
some other day maybe…
its time to devour my glutten free sandwiches n a piece of that lovely strawberry.

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