mirchi afternoon

with the wedding season all over the country, we have been invited to a few. initially its fun, its all dressing up and meeting people- socializing and catching up on each other’s lives. after 2 events i was all drained… the baby bump is difficult to carry around everywhere and the caterer’s food is something i really wanted to avoid after 2 such meals!!
PG and I stayed home in pyjamas on one such day when the others went out looking their best !!
since it was just us two eating last afternoon I pulled out the package from the my anniversary parcel
and cooked this-

what i really liked about the sabzi packs is that they come in really good packages, no chance of food spoil, even the halwa was in such a thick silver pack.

 i will be very frank here… i initially didn’t like the taste.. since our taste buds are so much used to gujju spices and texture… i added in two spoon-ful of fresh cream, a little salt and a little red chilli powder and heated the pack.

and it tasted just perfectttt…. i made some rotis to along with it!
cheers to my culinary skills and a huge thank u to ITC for sending over the meal 🙂 you can go and purchase some here
we later indulged into something sweet… oh dear, i dont event remember the name but its was fruit custurd pastry or something like that. 
it tasted horrible! we both shared this piece and left it midway paying hefty for something that we could not even gulp down! call it falling for fancy names on the menu ! jeepers !!

have u even fallen for such fancy names and then regretted 😛
lets share a laugh.
aavjo 🙂

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