nibble nibble

So It was karva chauth on friday ehh??
no clue what it exactly is apart form all that DDLJ and hindi tv sitcoms have showed me all these years. I am a pure gujju and gujjus dont celebrate karva chauth … yet it is always nice to be pampered and loved with food and gifts by the ladies gang at P101 who do it.

though the bumpy bellies ain’t fasting this year, they sure wanted to celebrate it in their own cute way,
Payal got us these..


they still rest in my car dashboard and i haven’t yet got time to apply it… probably tonite 🙂
Prachi got us some dry fruits and churmu… a part of sargi… yea.. i remember Jaya Bachchan talking about it in K3G..and in that little right corner lies the rasgulla dabba that got wiped off before i could click the gigantic sweetness.


that didn’t get over there… we had Shaily gifting us a baby shower gift too..
i am having so much fun here..yay!!

she made these herself. what a pretty package. u can get your customized envelopes and gift packages too.. comment below on the post (it shall be passed on to her) to get such customized paper products done for ur special occasion. 

on coming back home, someone else was also nibbling a feast…

and guess what they got to nibble at??
one of my favorite shoes 🙁

‘every pup has his day’ 
i am glad they found them delicious 😛

the weekend was even more busier than the usual day… PG and i got invited by a restaurant to try their new menu. 
a restaurant review coming up …

aavjo 🙂

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