on a sweet note


Two hours before the countdown and everyone jumps with joy hugging n kissing n shaking hands… whatever pleases the other person wishing them a happy new year.

While everyone is partying this year i am at home… watching back to back big bang theory on star world and twilight saga on star movies…. last year was  a disaster since i had no friends around… it continues even today; until we bump into someone nice n friendly for the dinner i am about to go to right now…
so a quickie post on how i spend my last day of twenty twelve on a sweet note.

i wiped it clean like its the last ever chocolate plate on earth !!!
talk about pregnancy cravings and i am so deep into that hot pot!
no one makes pancakes as wonderful as chocolate room.
i have never been a chocolate person like my off spring is – just like its dad!
so i dug my teeth into this whole plate … all by myself !!!

 yea.. so proud of my accomplishment of finishing this whole plate of chocolate and calories all by myself. 
time to add something sane and more beneficial for my bod…

all set to leave for the night out! 
see you all next year.. in a happy cheerful note.
signing off for twenty twelve
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